Coldplay Chris & Jonny

A lucky fan wins tickets to a Coldplay show ‘happening soon’

Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin and lead guitarist, Jonny Buckland made a ‘Surprise Surprise’ appearance on British TV this evening, where they shocked a lucky Coldplay fan, by giving her tickets to an upcoming show of theirs.

Yes, an upcoming Coldplay concert! And we’re assuming it’s not their short set at the Global Citizen Festival in September.

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A new tour could be on the horizon for Coldplay, who are currently rumoured to visit India at the end of the year, Brazil in March 2016 and Italy in mid-2016.

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Coldplay Live/Shows/Concerts/Setlists/Gigs 2015

There are no Coldplay concerts scheduled so far. Coldplay will headline a ‘Why Not People?’ show, believed to be sometime this year.

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Upcoming Coldplay Events

26th September 2015 – Coldplay live, at the Global Citizen Festival, New York [Info & discussion]


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