A Rush Of Fame To The Band

Chris Martin can make humility an act of hubris, and vice versa. He’s as cocky and as insecure as rock stars come, a psychic balancing act reflected in his band Coldplay’s crescendo/crash songs.

For instance, during a recent interview, the handsome, Bono-voxed singer says that the four hours he recently spent in a Miami studio with hip-hop producer Timbaland provided a bracing reality check — even while he acknowledges his own superstar status.

“I gleaned that it doesn’t matter if you’re in one of the biggest bands in the world,” Martin says on a mobile phone as his car makes its way out of New York City, en route to a show in Ohio — “it doesn’t mean you’re very good.”

Then Martin concedes this is no revelation: “But I glean that most days.”

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