Chris Martin - A Sky Full Of Stars

A Sky Full Of Stars is ‘our most important song, lyrically’

A Sky Full Of Stars is 'the most important song, lyrically'
Chris Martin has been talking to audio company, Beats By Dre about the making of A Sky Full Of Stars and how the upbeat EDM inspired song is the most important song Coldplay have made lyrically. The latest behind the scenes video features various instrumentals of Coldplay’s second single from Ghost Stories as the frontman goes into further details about the album and the role of A Sky Full Of Stars on it.

Chris expands on the meaning of Ghost Stories : “Ghost Stories is probably an album about heartbreak but it’s not saying something is broken so you should give up, it’s saying, somethings broken so lets work out how to fix it and make it better than it was before”

Coldplay’s frontman, looking very cheerful, adds Katy Perry to the list of his musical influences for A Sky Full Of stars and talks about the simplicity of the chords used and how classic tracks such as Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit have used the same chord sequence. The simplicity of the track really endeared it to Chris.

Chris Martin wanted to have a song that comes from the ‘EDM world’ as “people are so together and having the best time, so I was like f**k it, I love that stuff so I want us to have a song that comes from that world but in terms of, I would like to really jump up and down to this / we don’t really know what we’re doing, that’s called Avicii” “I showed him the song and said please can I help and he said with his backwards baseball cap, yeah, that will be 12 million dollars!” Chris laughs followed by “Nah, he didn’t say that”!

The recording process of A Sky Full Of Stars involved the mixing of a Coldplay version and an Avicii version and as Chris quoted, it was like “Playing Tetris for f**king hours”. As many may know, ‘ASFOS’ was the last song written on Ghost Stories, as the ‘final piece of the puzzle’ and Chris described it as “the most important song we’ve ever had, lyrically because every time I sing it, i’m like, yeah, that’s how I wanna live my life”

This may give us a big clue to the songwriting direction of Coldplay’s next album, with a ‘celebratory’ album already being touted, it will certainly be likely to include many upbeat anthems such as A Sky Full Of Stars where tens of thousands of Coldplayers can jump in ‘togetherness’ during the next Coldplay world tour! You can watch the interview by Beats music below