An Open Letter To Mr Miller (Official Site Coldplay Journal)

Dear Miller,

I know you don’t come here, but I know Debs sticks her head in every once in a while so maybe she could pass this along to you.

I am writing today to discuss your complete lack of activity on the Coldplayer. Your last entry was made on July 12, 2006 and in your text you admit to be “appallingly lazy” due to tour fatigue. I understand that it must be difficult to travel around from city to city, but you have been off for some time now and still nothing has been posted.

The fans enjoy your stories and we all love the pics, vids and sound snippits you provide. But now is when we need you the most. You see during the tour, we almost always have at least one forum member that goes to the show and they come here and share with us set lists, pics, the occasional crude video footage and so forth. But now, while the band is down we only get the rare Chris was spotted there tidbit from the gossip rags. Now is when we need a new pic or two. Now is when we need a Guy did this crazy thing story. We all know that between you and Penny there is a whole giant multimedia pile of stuff. We’re not asking you to leak their new recordings. We’re not asking you to bother them to sit for photo sessions. But it would be bloody fantastic if you could throw us a frickin bone and put up a pic or two a week. Give us an update…the band is working, the band is sitting on their arses… the band is starting to rehearse for Latin American dates…. tell us a story about something that happened 3 years ago!…anything. We can amuse ourselves and discuss a single pic for a solid week around here. We’re simple like that.

If you’re too busy, please hand the duty over to someone else. I can off the top of my head name 30 people from this forum that would gladly take over for you. We have a great community spirit here and we we all share what we have. Won’t you please share some of your collection with us.

Thanks for your time,

More on this here [thanks Texasluvsjonny]