April Fooled? Coldplay Still A Band

Shame on you if you were April Fooled into believing Coldplay had split, following the juicy story that Chris Martin had quit the band to grow watermelons.

Ode To Deodorant certainly wasn’t Coldplay’s biggest hit to date. EMI don’t answer phones at weekend, they only respond to emails. And X&Y was a very very big album of 2005.

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April Fools Report:

Chris Martin has had enough

The world of music was shocked earlier on today when popular musician Chris Martin said he was leaving the music business to focus work on growing Watermelons.

“The weight of making a 4th album was getting too much, with the record label wanting to put out a greatest hits to ease it’s finanical pressure” said Martin in an press statement.

Coldplay’s hit include “Ode to Deodorant”, “Yellow” and most recent hit “The Hardest Part”. There was nobody from EMI records to answer the phone because it’s a Sunday. The Compete Coldplay Singles Collection Vinyl Boxset came out last monday (26th March) to purchase, and X&Y was a very big album in 2005.

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