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A Kaleidoscope of Coldplayedits

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Imagination knows no limit over at Coldplayedits on Twitter. Lately, this has largely been due to the remarkable work of our very own Coldplayer, flockofbirds222. Coldplayedits is THE place to go to request custom lock screens, headers, icons inspired by Coldplay. Currently, you can get your very own edits to the Kaleidoscope EP cover. We have […]

Milan Miracles to Dublin Dreams

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Wait a day or so on this 2017 European Tour and you miss a years’ worth of Coldplay news. Milan gave us the first live airing of Miracles (Someone Special) featuring Big Sean on 7/4 while ALIENS landed on Apple (Music, not Martin!) 7/8. This past week has been head-spinning! Davide Rossi along with Apple […]

Munich Memories of a Lifetime

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Imagine you make a sign and were actually allowed to bring it into Munich’s Olympiastadium for Tuesday’s Coldplay AHFOD European tour leg. Given the strict unannounced ban on bringing all bags, umbrellas, etc. into the stadium, this in itself is a good start to the evening. Now pretend that during the show, your sign caught Chris Martin’s eye. […]

Coldplay Offers Love Beyond the Button in Manchester

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Taking the stage as the last billed performance after Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande’s rousing “Love Me Harder”, Coldplay delivered one surprise after another. The band strolled out to a crowd riled into a frenzy chanting “Manchester”, following an unexpected video montage of musicians declaring their solidarity with the city. Grande came out with the […]

Coldplay Perform ‘All I Can Think About is You’ in Tokyo

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“I want something just like THIS!” By all indication, the highly anticipated Kaleidoscope EP is shaping up to be worth the wait. Coldplay unveiled their latest track, ‘All I Can Think About is You’ in a surprise performance at the Tokyo Dome on April 19th. Chris also mentioned that the band recorded the Tokyo Dome […]

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