Chris Martin: Bob Dylan & Me

“Dylan’s got the greatest song library ever.”

“Of course, Bob Dylan can’t sing, can he, Chris? He just sort of whines away about some old shit and he can’t really play harmonica, can he, Chris? And anyway, what do you mean he wrote that Guns N’ Roses song? I don’t believe it. Anyway, he can’t even sing properly and what with that harmonica… blah blah blah, Chris… blah blah blah… [keeps going till end of life as we know it].”

Of all the world’s millions of misconceptions and generalisation – every Frenchman has a beret, Ringo Staff was luckier to be in The Beatles than they were to have him, I’m from Devon therefore my dad is properly also my sister; all that stuff – the one that drives me most bananas is this one about Bob Dylan. Like a high wall around a chocolate factory this singing thing stops a lot of people from getting into Bob Dylan.

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