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Coldplay due to perform on Jools Holland (April 29th) & flashbacks to previous shows!

Mark your (Coldplay!) Calenders everyone, a possible landmark live appearance is on its way! Should it fall before the planned NBC special on the way there is a possibility that ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ may debut just before the possible 5th May release.

The source of information is from a reliable source via a media editor/writer on Twitter who has been told the date of Coldplay’s appearance on the show! (Thanks to Gai on the forums for posting this) and it should be confirmed also by Radiotimes very soon.

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On the community forums, We have had a discussion about this and applications for tickets were made but unfortunately, we do not have a Coldplayer we know of who has won this (no frontline reporting for me!) so please post on our forums and bathe in glory and the envy if you have been selected for this show by the BBC!

We will now take a trip down memory lane! Coldplay firstly performed on Jools Holland in 2000 when they played their first single off Parachutes, ‘Shiver’. This recording is shown in the video below. Will Champion and Chris Martin talk about playing ‘Shiver’ live on Jools Holland just before the live Performance of ‘Yellow’ on their second outing in the year 2000 with Jools. Will starts off by explaining “The first we were very young and it was the first time we had ever done a TV show I think, it was even before we were even on Top of the Pops”. Chris added “It was even before we recorded the record”! Will continued with “We didn’t really know what to do and we didn’t know how to make it sound any good”. Then Chris will a wry smile explained “First time we were on, we played a song called Shiver and we thought we played it ok then the dude who wrote ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’, what was his name (to Will)?” in which both Chris and Will quickly answered “Gary Brooker” and Chris quickly carried on, “sat down a played ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ straight afterwards and just made us look really stupid” Chris chuckled with a grin on his face. Chris then finished with “And that was our abiding memory and being put firmly in our place”.

Watch Shiver (2000) and Square One (2005) in glorious old school 240p below!!!

Then continue the journey through Coldplay history with Violet Hill (2008) to Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (2012) in a slightly more glamorous HD quality!