Coldplay (Guy Berryman) And A-ha Collaborate

Coldplay’s Guy Berryman has teamed up with A-ha and Mew for TV’s ‘Amazon’. new band Apparatjik also features Mew’s Jonas Bjerre, XFM write today, further to’s announcement yesterday.

Admitting a love for A-ha on Xfm is one thing. Joining forces with the Norse pop titans from the 80s is another thing entirely. Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, however, has hooked up with A-ha’s Magne F and Jonas Bjerre from pop odd-bods Mew to soundtrack Bruce Parry’s new TV programme, Amazon.

The trio formed the band Apparatjik especially for the project. The wonderfully titled ‘Ferreting’ is the result and closes the show which sees Parry venturing down the Amazon from its source to the sea. ‘Ferreting’ is the opening track on the fundraising album which accompanies the series, ‘Amazon Tribe – Songs For Survival’. The album is out on October 6 or available to download from iTunes now.