What should we expect from Coldplay in 2015?

What should we expect from Coldplay in 2015?
2015 is underway and it could be a defining year for the band, as they are tipped to release their seventh album, titled A Head Full Of Dreams. Not only that but Chris told New York radio station, Fresh 102.7 back in August that the guys will be going on tour, following the release of LP7. We will summarize and speculate on the upcoming Coldplay year ahead!

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A Head Full Of Dreams

We had our first and golden nugget of info from Chris’ naughty album title revelation to Zane Lowe, resulting in the usually very calm Jonny Buckland losing his temper (an event as rare as every 10 years!) and taking away Chris’ microphone.

Coldplay themselves don’t know when their next album, A Head Full Of Dreams will be finished. When bassist Guy Berryman was asked by Jo Wiley (during a recent Q&A) whether Coldplay will return to Glastonbury, Guy responded with :

I don’t think so, I think we’re gonna be making the album

Lead guitarist Jonny Buckland was also quick to point out the band’s track record of making albums, meaning, there could be delays.

A release of A Head Full Of Dreams in 2015 seems to be likely but it could be later on in the year, depending on how the recording and production of the album pans out. Coldplay have been working on the follow up to Ghost Stories, since it was released in May 2014. The ‘one-off’ album was something Chris Martin ‘needed to make’ and Coldplay’s plan was to make something else straight away!

How will A Head Full Of Dreams sound like? Chris has already hinted of a colourful affair once more and will certainly be uplifting. The more personal the song is, the more likely it will end up on A Head Full Of Dreams, according to Coldplay’s lead singer, who has been in a buoyant mood in recent times.

the more personal, the more likely it is to be released

Not to mention the frontman stating it “will be fun to shuffle your feet a little bit”, in reference to the upcoming album. The clip below, from 2006 amusingly shows the range of dance moves we could see from the guys once more!!!

Next World Tour?

Festival appearances, like before the release of Mylo Xyloto appear unlikely at this stage but with the Glastonbury line up announced in late spring, there is still time left if the band finish the recording of A Head Full Of Dreams soon. The official line ups for Lollapalooza 2015 in Chile, Argentina and Brazil do not feature Coldplay, so with no confirmations as of yet, we could be looking at 2016 for festival appearances. Watch this space.

What about an arena tour? It could provide the perfect transition from the intimate scenarios seen during the Ghost Stories era, into the massive scale of stadium shows. During the Mylo Xyloto era, their arena shows kicked off the world tour, with the Xylobands debuting in Glasgow. Jonny, during the Q&A session seen earlier in the article, did state the band wants to play at least a few shows in 2015.


The North American legs of the Mylo Xylotour stadium shows were announced in December 2011, within two months of Mylo Xyloto’s release. It’s worth noting that Chris Martin talked about not wanting to have the ‘same cycle’ in reference to not repeating the routine of their previous albums. Fan interaction was also mentioned during a series of interviews back in August, as the band are looking at new ways they can engage with Coldplayers.

Xylobands could be brought back to Coldplay shows for their next tour. Jason Regler’s company gave us a teaser of the new multi coloured bands at the BBC Music Awards, particularly during A Sky Full Of Stars last month (as seen below). Fingers crossed that it won’t be long until we’re jumping around to Charlie Brown, A Sky Full Of Stars and new songs!

X&Y – 10 Year Anniversary

Among all the seventh album madness, it’s the special 10 year anniversary of Coldplay’s rocking album of 2005! Coldplay took their popularity to new levels as they tasted world domination, broke US billboard records and delighted many fans, with endless anthems, including Fix You. We will be looking back at the epic era for X&Y soon!

X&Y - 10 years

For the band themselves, Fix You and Til Kingdom Come have remained regular live fixtures in recent times. It’s no secret that their third album receives the most internal band criticism when compared to their other releases but if they play live in 2015, they could give a nod to a few of the classics from X&Y. A special show for the LP would be the stuff of dreams.

All in all, 2015 is the year of dreams and celebrations for Coldplayers and there could many surprises waiting for us in the year ahead!