Coldplay Oracle – Sky Movies clip does not feature Coldplay!

There has been a twist in the Miracles saga as the Coldplay Oracle confirms the Sky Movies advert, which has gone viral does not include the upcoming Coldplay song and it’s not even the band’s work!

The Sky Movies advert has been shared all over the forums and on fan pages across Facebook and Twitter since the start of November. There was a large degree of skepticism over the authenticity of Coldplay’s involvement with Sky Movies promo. Chris Martin’s ‘oooo’s within the background track and the Christmas nature of the mystery song, coupled with the Christmas week release date raised huge curiosity but it wasn’t until a well known media expert on Twitter ‘confirmed’ it was Coldplay’s Miracles that the video started to go viral and in recent days, has been reported on by many major news sites including NME. The ‘confirmation’ from the media expert has been proved to be inaccurate and we are still waiting for the first audio clip of Coldplay’s new song, due to be released on December 12th as part of the Unbroken film soundtrack.

Coldplay Oracle - Miracles

Here are the facts we know about Miracles so far :

Miracles is the final song on the Unbroken soundtrack. You can view the full soundtrack listing here (Thanks CP-EST)

Miracles features on the credits of the inspired war story, Unbroken. Read the original Coldplaying article here

Miracles has a track length of 3 minutes and 56 seconds (the same as Atlas!)

Miracles is not an upbeat track (as mentioned by The Oracle too)

– The Unbroken soundtrack, along with Miracles is due for release on 12th December and it’s expected to be available everywhere on Christmas music release week, from the 15th December.

– The new Coldplay track has been heard by spectators who were present at the film premiere very recently. One person just tweeted, “There’s a Coldplay song at the end. It’s called “Miracles” and it’s pretty good! Chris Martin, Oscar nominee?” (thanks gai).

Coldplay Oracle - 'Sky Movies clip is not Coldplay!'

Coldplay are also listed as composers for an upcoming movie, to be released in December 2015, called Mission: S.O.P. (via IMDb)

>A 10-year-old girl plans a mission to save her family by Christmas.

Director: Gabriel Schmidt

The details are vague at the moment but Coldplaying will keep you updated on any further developments and if we learn the identity of the mystery Sky Movies song, which many of us have taken a liking to!