Coldplay’s perfect song : ‘We’re still trying hard everyday”

Chris Martin on aussie radio - Dan and Maz
Earlier today, Chris Martin visited DJ’s Dan and Maz at the 104.1 2dayFM studios, based in Sydney, Australia. Coldplay’s frontman co-hosted an hour special on the Aussie radio station. Coldplay news has been few and far between in the past week as the band are enjoying downtime (or are recording the seventh album!). Chris has been on a journey down under, presumably not just for today’s light hearted interview but it was a relaxed and very funny Chris appearance which was a joy to listen to!

Chris reveals his favourite track from ‘Ghost Stories’, the band’s ambition to achieve the ‘perfect song’ as they seek to better ‘Yellow’, ‘fat suit Friday’ in reference to the True Love music video and much more fun and silliness!

You can find the listening/download link here!

(Thanks to gai for the info)

The highlights in text format from the interview are below. It’s a wonderful and laid back session, a great listen!

The music

Chris Martin’s personal favourite from Ghost Stories : “My personal favourite song on the album ‘Ghost Stories’ by Coldplay is called ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’.” Maz shares a laugh about Chris’ wording of ‘by Coldplay’!

When Chris was asked about an interview with 60 minutes where he said they are still trying to write the perfect song and the closest they got to it was ‘Yellow’ : “I think we’re still trying, We’re still trying hard everyday”

On the decision to film the video for ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ so suddenly within Sydney : The band decided to film the Sydney video about 3 days before because they had already shot a video which “everyone in the world would agree, wasn’t very good” (Errm, Coldplaying doesn’t think so!)

The laughs

on the subject of celebrating ‘Silly hat Tuesday’. Chris Martin replied “Who doesn’t”, followed by “We have fat suit Friday so every Friday, we just do that and say lets make it into a video”.

Chris On the band getting snapped : “One blessing we have as a band is that we don’t have any flattering angles so just shoot…do your thing, we can’t lose!”

The DJ’s talking about ‘Coldplay tribute band’ : Chris jokes, “There’s one called Oldplay which is all 80+ people”, to which Dan asked “Oh wow, Really??” and Chris said “No there isn’t but there should be”. “It will exist in a couple of years. In 2017, we are officially dropping our C”.