Coldplay Preparing To Kick Off New Tour!

Coldplay Preparing To Kick-Off New Tour! can reveal that Coldplay have finished recording for this year and are currently preparing for their impending tour. The British four piece won’t return to their London studios for the remainder of the year, as they are set to start their promotion for ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ (December 4th release likely), outside of the UK.

According to a conversation between fans and Coldplay’s sound engineer, Dan Green, the band are in “pre-production” for the upcoming tour. He also confirmed that the band were in the studio up until last week and won’t be returning until 2016. India and Brazil are among likely concert destinations, with ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ being partly inspired by Indian culture, while South America are ‘in the front of Coldplay’s minds’ following the unfortunate Latin American tour cancellation in 2013.

Which country do you think Coldplay will kick-off their tour at?

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We’ll bring you more tour news as soon as we have it. There will be a new tour section on the free Coldplaying App (Click here for download links) when gigs are announced, which means you’ll be able to stay up to date with every Coldplay concert easily and chat to other Coldplayers going to the same event!

In the meantime, you can let us know your thoughts on this news story or on Coldplay’s seventh album.