Coldplay Release ‘Live From Spotify London’ EP

Coldplay has released a Live Sessions EP today in conjunction with Spotify. The project finds the band performing two of their greatest hits, Yellow and Viva La Vida along with two tracks from their latest album Everglow and Adventure of a Lifetime. The fifth and final track of the EP is Christmas Lights played by many Coldplay fans at this time of the year. Finally we have live versions of these songs to add to our Spotify playlists!

This EP is available to Spotify members only and is not available on other platforms. However you can sign up for a free account on to stream the album on your devices. Now go and enjoy this little Christmas present from Coldplay while we wait patiently for their Kaleidoscope EP which will be released in 2017! Give us your thoughts on the new EP on our forums.

Recorded live on November 14th at a secret central London venue.