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Coldplay set to make live return with disability-friendly gig

Coldplay set to make live return with disability-friendly gig
Coldplay are set for a live return soon upon being announced as a headline act for a new disability-friendly music initiative, organised by BBC Radio 1 DJ, Jameela Jamil. The group which Jameela has founded is called ‘Why Not People?’ and they seek to give disabled music fans an experience which is level with non-disabled people.

This is what the founder of the organisation, ‘Why Not People?’ had to say about the upcoming landmark event, which will host the likes of Ed Sheeran and Mark Ronson, in addition to Coldplay: (Via NME)

I one day decided I simply can’t continue living in a world that excludes such a large part of society. Some of my best friends are those people. Their disabilities should not prohibit them from having the same social experience as those of us who do not face the same challenges. In this day and age, and with so many technological advances, I simply refuse to believe we can’t make more effort to create a more balanced society, one that accommodates those of us who already face so many daily struggles already. I am so grateful that I am finally in a position where I can help to do something about it.

Coldplay are supporters of numerous charities, including the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The band are always looking to help people in a less advantageous position and they are now one of the first bands to help deal with this previously ‘hidden’ music-wide issue. The BBC recently conducted a survey with various music venues and found that only less than 1% of seats could accommodate a wheelchair.

Coldplay stadium

More specifically at a Coldplay concert during the Mylo Xylotour, in the Emirates stadium in London, a disabled fan was allocated a seat by the venue which was described as ‘unreasonable’ on a blog documenting the struggles of a disabled music-goer. (Image on the right)

It’s great to see Coldplay being one of the first major bands to respond to this. We hope to see venues adopt a new approach to help all sets of fans and make the live experience even better!


‘Why Not People?’ show to kick off A Head Full Of Dreams tour?

A recent press release detailed that the band will kick off their next tour (un-titled but presuming penned seventh album name) with the ‘Why Not People?’ show. Major news indeed if this proves to be true!

When will the ‘Why Not People?’ gig take place? There are no dates right now but we will keep you updated when we do get one!


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