Coldplay Star Backs Jay-Z Playing Glastonbury

Chris Martin calls the rapper the best musician on the planet…

Coldplay front man Chris Martin has defended rap star Jay-Z’s scheduled appearance at Glastonbury. The choice of Jay-Z as the headliner for the festival has been much criticised – something Martin describes as “embarrassing”. Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Martin who has previously worked with Jay-Z said that Coldplay didn’t need to headline the festival because Jay-Z was “the best musician on the planet”.

“I find it pretty embarrassing, all the palaver [over Jay-Z’s booking].” He added: “We recently came back to England to find all this hoo-hah, grandpas complaining about things they don’t know about. Coldplay not playing and Jay-Z playing is exactly what needs to happen for the world. He’s the best rapper in the world.”

Glastonbury starts from 27 June 2008 and runs until 29 June 2008 at Worthy Farm, Somerset. Coldplay’s new single Violet Hill is out now.