Coldplay Tease New Album With Mysterious Poster!

UPDATE: All information from Kirboh has been proven false. Please check the latest posts on Coldplaying for more accurate, up to date information!



A poster of Coldplay has shown up in São Paulo showing the band with the date November 22, 1919!


Fans have been speculating all morning after a mysterious poster showed up in São Paulo showing Coldplay in a vintage setting with German philosopher, poet, composer and scholar Friedrich Nietzsche.


The poster appeared at the Paulista metro station in São Paulo and was subsequently removed. According to staff, the poster was not supposed to be put up until Thursday 17th October. Perhaps this means we will see a single this Friday! Ken19, a legit festival insider on suggests that Friday will see new Coldplay news.


Several leaks from discord user ‘Kirboh’ have suggested that the album will be called ‘Fool’s Gold’, perhaps after the 1919 film of the same name. 



Kirboh also suggests that ‘One Way Train’, the supposed lead single of the album will be released Friday with a live performance at TIDAL X Rock The Vote. According to the leaker, the album has a style similar to X&Y and A Head Full of Dreams with ‘One Way Train’ having a similar tempo to Hurts Like Heaven.


Kirboh is also reporting that ‘The Race’, a track found by Coldplaying last year, has evolved and is in LP8. It apparently features French electronic music duo Daft Punk!

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Fans over on the Coldplaying forum have been joining the hype train today! Join now!


A vintage Coldplay album a la “The Goldrush” and “Ghost Story” combined with electronics of “Midnight” and funkiness of AOAL and style of “All Your Friends” would be amazing for me. This feels more like what “Ghost Stories” should have been, and I hope it is. –laxwatcher


I’m totally digging this! So many possibilities. Makes me think of the Magic video. I think we may know what our first LP8 video will look like. –onlylove


What a crazy ride this day has been. Can’t even focus on my work because I’ve been busy following the LP8 speculation on discord and our forum. :joy:Revolverwin