Coldplay tour 2015

Coldplay tour rumours – London show by the end of the year?

Coldplay tour rumours - London show by the end of the year?

Coldplay are predicted to launch a brand new tour by the end of the year, in line with the unconfirmed release of seventh studio album, ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’.

We’ve heard multiple rumours over the past few months. India, Italy and Turkey have been largely tipped as countries Coldplay will travel to, while Brazil is looking extremely likely to host a Coldplay concert, with a famous Brazilian reporter ‘confirming’ gigs in March-April, while the president of the Gremio Arena revealed on-going negotations to bring the British four piece to Porto Alegre.

Now, Coldplaying understands that the band are in the process of booking ‘at least one show’ in London, United Kingdom by the end of the year. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but as with everything tour related, please wait for an announcement on Coldplay’s official website before making any plans.

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Coldplay Live/Shows/Concerts/Setlists/Gigs 2015

There are no Coldplay concerts (as part of tour) scheduled at this moment in time.

For 2015 live rumours & gossip, please check out our rumours section.

Upcoming Coldplay Events

18-19th September 2015 – Coldplay live, at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Las Vegas [Info & discussion]

26th September 2015 – Coldplay live, at the Global Citizen Festival, New York [Info & discussion]

Coldplay will headline a ‘Why Not People?’ show, believed to be sometime this year.


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