Coldplaying asks Coldplay – Favourite Music Video to Film

It’s time for session 3 of our on-going feature, Coldplaying asks Coldplay! The question we have proposed to Chris, Guy, Will, Jonny & Phil this time round is, “What has been your favourite music video to shoot and why?”.

Here are the answers from each band member *drumroll*…..

Guy Berryman

A Sky Full of Stars, because it was so spontaneous and lo fi and the Aussie fans were amazing

Will Champion

It would have to be #paradise for me. Shooting in a cheetah sanctuary in South Africa and then in the football stadium, pretty amazing

Chris Martin

Paradise because the deadline was so insane*, the pressure was crazy, but we had total conviction in a very silly idea. *the track had been released two months earlier and we’d already finished-and-scrapped- TWO videos

Coldplay Paradise

Jonny Buckland

Life in Technicolor II, because of Phil’s cameo and the fact that I didn’t have to do anything”.

*note from Phil* ps: Jonny doesn’t like video shoots.

Phil Harvey

Life in Technicolor II. We shot it in a village hall in a quaint little village in the countryside. It really reminded me of the jumble sales and village shows of my childhood. I loved the puppets and all the fun special effects plus I got to make a cameo in that chunky pullover.

Maybe ‘Christmas Lights’ was my favorite actually. It was probably the most memorable shoot. It was 2 degrees below freezing. I was wearing that skimpy Elvis costume and we didn’t wrap until 4am but we all managed to keep laughing

Christmas Lights

Some fantastic answers, a very interesting fact on the ‘Paradise’ videos from Chris and we now know that Jonny doesn’t like music videos! The ongoing feature will be back next month. Until then, you can post your question to the band, and vote for others, here.

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