Coldplaying’s Sponsored Child: Update On Zali From Mali

A new mailing from ‘Save The Children’ has been received, thanks to Nadia for scanning it into a PDF file. The mailing includes a new photo of Zali, plus the Annual Status Report from the Sahel region of Mali. Check it out and see how you’ve made a difference!!

Zali is Coldplaying’s Sponsored Child, thanks to the $1.36 campaign of the past 18 months. So far you have raised over $1000 for the Sponsor A Child project.

Your contribution to Save the Children will support all the work to help children in need, such as providing prenatal care and newborn training, supplying life-saving immunizations for young children, and building schools and training teachers so that even more children have a chance for a better future.

You can read more about Zali and the $1.36 campaign here [thanks lunar1126]