Coldplay’s Oracle is inundated with questions about the glowing wristbands

More questions answered by The Oracle… (over 2380 questions now answered – submit yours now!)

December 6, 2011 – submitted by Carl, United Kingdom
Q. I was at the Manchester MEN concert on the 04/12/11 it was AMAZING!! Thanks lads for yet another mind blowing performance, just 1 question. On the reverse of the glowing wristbands was your code/number. As I was jumping and singing the number to the wristband has come off? Is there any way of getting the code for it or is that it useless without that code? Please can you help.
The Oracle replies:
Blimey, lots of wristband questions after their arena tour launch at the weekend. You don’t actually need the number as it is only relevant to the radio-controlling light part. It’s the code to activate the sequence. There is a website address on the back though, so maybe you should go and check that out… The wristband doesn’t do anything once you’ve left the show so it’s just a keepsake now.

December 6, 2011 – submitted by Adam, United Kingdom
Q. Oracle! This one is from Scotland! Is there anyway at all that I can get my LED wristband to light up? It is a great thing to have but to demonstrate how it looked at the Glasgow show would be great!
The Oracle replies:
You can’t light it up but you can show people the effect by watching the video from that very Glasgow show. Also, when you get to the digital tour pack, there’s access to another video from Sunday’s Manchester gig that also shows them in action. Mighty fine they are too.

December 6, 2011 – submitted by Daniel, United Kingdom
Q. Hey Oracle, I was just wondering, seeing as I’m seeing Coldplay on Friday (9th) at the o2, will everyone be given the wristbands that light up? Thanks in advance, Dan.
The Oracle replies:
Yes, one will be handed to you on the way in.

December 5, 2011 – submitted by weirdcoldplaynerd, United States of America
Q. Back when Coldplay was still a relatively small band (if you could call it that!) did they ever have autograph signings after concerts? I know they wouldn’t do that now since that would take forever, but I wondered if maybe they did it in the 90’s?
The Oracle replies:
They didn’t have organized autograph sessions but yes, they did sign stuff. Sometimes it would be on their way in or out of a venue but the very first time they got asked for their autographs was at Manchester Roadhouse where people stood and waited at the dressing room door next to the stage.

December 5, 2011 – submitted by Pocoyo, France
Q. Hi, Is it really the voice of Guy? Thank you.
The Oracle replies:
Yes, that is Guy taking lead vocal on Apparatjik’s Sequential.

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