Coldplay’s Oracle talks about the ‘Postcards From Far Away’ project

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October 7, 2009 – submitted by Rania, Norway
Q. Hey Oracle :) Thank you for answering our questions! I was just wondering what did the boys do with the postcards from the Postcards From Far Away project they got early this year? Thank you!
The Oracle replies:
They are all safely stored at their Bakery HQ; photos were taken to preserve their memory too.

October 7, 2009 – submitted by Timo, Germany
Q. Hi Oracle! From where did Jay Z know about Michael Jackson’s death when he wrote the lyrics for the song Lost+, which was released in November 2008?…as we all know Michael died in summer 2009…but still in this song Jay mentions him in a list with some other great personalities who are dead now..
The Oracle replies:
Indeed he did but the list wasn’t about people who had necessarily died it was more about being bad mouthed. In fact, later in the song jay also name checks Bobby Brown and he’s alive and kicking.

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