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  1. Last week
  2. Coldplay's original version is much better!
  3. Chris turns 44 today. Happy birthday!
  4. Working with the provider to sort it out!
  5. Us Against the World is my favourite. It got me into Coldplay. I was watching an episode of Carpool Karaoke and really liked the song and thought Who TF is this guy? This is how I got to know the band.
  6. Thank you! I downloaded the VST and found the sound but it sounds a bit off. Do you remember what you did to tweak it?
  7. Great find! this seems like the most likely explanation for the FFTF2024 in the booklet. Maybe it's an action plan from this initiative setting a goal for 2024, or maybe Coldplay have committed to make their tours environmentally beneficial (i.e. actively improving the environmental situation, rather than just having no effect) by 2024.
  8. They might not even know about it yet. Their website design is maintained by a design agency called Rabbit Hole and they probably aren't aware of this.
  9. It used to work.... That's weird!
  10. Good choice! But mine is definitely Paradise. Every Teardrop is a strong competitor though. Paradise's just an amazing song and I love Jonny's guitar in this song in particular. Will's drum too! And I love the ''Para-para... paradise duet'' between Will and Chris. Actually everything in this song is great in my opinion. It makes me feel happy and it's a catchy song as well
  11. Well, I guess FFTF2024 is probably unrelated to Music of the Spheres. It was just a little easter egg for a new environmental and charitable initiative that the band is probably involved with. And it goes along with their commitment to make future touring more environmentally friendly.
  12. I can help out with whichever one you get
  13. 9: Another's Arms 8: Oceans 7: Always in My Head 6: Ink 5. Midnight 4: Magic 3: O 2: True Love 1: A Sky Full of Stars
  14. Charlie Brown. The lyrics and music are so great and the hook is capturing.
  15. Haha that's been one I have wanted to do for a while now. I will try to do it sometime soon! And yeah probably going to save up some money and try to snag one on eBay.
  16. No more Vst in use, For those who wanna know the sounds of vst visit Xloy Dom in Youtube
  17. I agree, if it was an error they would have already solved it. maybe we'll have some more clue after the grammys
  18. Sorry, probably I wasn’t clear enough, i’m referring to this:
  19. Pardon my ignorance but which “bugged” music section are you referring to?
  20. I’m starting to think that the “bugged” music section is intentional, if it was a malfunction they would’ve fix it by now. I don’t think their team is simply ignoring this bug
  21. Beyond the fact that the "_____ For The Future" sufix was the most likely answer (in my case, my theory was always "Flight For The Future" with a NASA Mars-centric concept for the next LP9 release, syncing the release with the mission milestone), I start to realize that there is no relation between the two pages in the EL Album Booklet. FTFF2024 is, with no doubt, the "Fit for The Future", and the moment where our dear Coldplay will have an offer for touring with no environment impact. Nothing more. And the "Coldplay Coming Soon" with "Music of The Spheres" is another history, with
  22. Hi, I'd like to customize my Profile name and the personal info on the left hand bar? Gender, Rank, Occupation, Etc
  23. I assume mixcraft should work. If you get the VST or actual rack you can use the settings I have posted and it sounds perfectly recreated. But to use them you have to make lesson on Another’s Arms on your channel 😂
  24. Yo you could have at least referenced my original twitter post. but ill forgive you. There is more to it. Yes Oxfam is one of the partnering charities. But also Dave Holmes statement (after Chris told the media they wouldn't tour until it was environmentally beneficial) is also insightful: - As Chris has said, we have become increasingly mindful of our touring’s impact on the planet. We started making significant plans to improve this scenario while we were still on the road in 2017. For the last couple of years, we’ve been meeting with environmental organizations and charities with t
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