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  2. I agree with kcp ! First i thought that Church was a nice song but forgettable, turns out to be a song i listen very often now. Incredible harmonies and vocal line.
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  4. Higher Power's outro sounds like the live intro singalong to the live 2012 version of ETIAW! Could it be a connection to the MX era and have similar concepts/arrangements/themes (since Alien Radio was an idea Coldplay had during the MX era)? I am hopeful! IMG_7934.MP4 IMG_7934.MP4 IMG_7934.MP4
  5. Maybe this is why they stopped playing most of the songs from Viva (apart from the obligatory Viva la Vida because it's a hit and a stadium crowd will sing along every time). There's a kind of darker atmosphere to the album that may not be as dark as Trouble In Town but still doesn't fit so well with the themes and sounds of AHFOD. I'm amazed they played Violet Hill at all during the AHFOD tour. Even then, they only played it sparingly.
  6. I can understand why don't want to add much Everyday Life to any new shows. There is a bit of a tonal contrast from going from bright, love-drunk, alien, silly but brilliant pop music to rock tunes about real-life police violence. I think some tunes could be mixed in, though - Church, BrokEn, Orphans, Cry Cry Cry, Champion of the World, the title track. There's a weight that comes to making songs like Trouble in Town or Daddy. I can see why they'd want to tread carefully about playing them amongst the likes of Higher Power.
  7. I feel a concert does not exclusively have to consist of feel-good songs...I don't understand why the darkness and rockiness of Everyday Life songs can't be embraced just like GS songs were fitted into the AHFOD Tour setlist.
  8. I hope they actually do continue until their old age...a world without Coldplay is something I don't even want to imagine.
  9. Higher Power vs Champion of the World
  10. Think I can finally settle my thoughts on this song. For me personally it's lacking. My rating is roughly an 7 out of 9. I think think song needed a musical change in the song a kin to what `Jump` did (see below). • I also feel like this song was released pre-maturely, if they had more time refining it I'd probably rate it more favorably. It's hard to explain however when I listen to it now nothing truly stands out to me. I don't want to use the term "Generic" but that's how I feel about the song right now. The ending also left me unsatisfi
  11. Missed a Coldplay interview this week? We've got your back! Here's a list of every interview we could find! This week, Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will set out on a virtual press junket to promote their latest single 'Higher Power. For archival purposes and your enjoyment, we have uploaded the audio of every interview we could find on Coldplaying. Along with this list is full or partial video clips of the zoom calls conducted with the band. We are currently adding to this list so if you happen to come across an interview that isn't on this list, drop me a DM! [2021-05-07] Chris
  12. Why everyone worked up about lyrics? Music to me, is all about sound, (this is 100% true with reversed music) lyrics are words. Then again, some lyrics can be relatable in the world with people, I understand that. But that’s not what I look for to enjoy music, it’s all about the sound, instruments, vocals. Etc. so I don’t know what are bad/lazy lyrics to be honest. So when people say that? It goes over my head. I will never understand them... Then again, lyrics in parody songs can be funny...but that’s a whole different story. Anyways I give Higher Power a 8/10
  13. Anthony Fantano is my favorite music critic. Genuinely shocked to hear he has something good to say about Coldplay. 🤯 I remember him criticizing EL for not being political enough and I'm like we're lucky we got as many songs that were as we did, guy. This isn't like Rage Against the Machine.
  14. added Qmusic NL https://qmusic.nl/nieuws/stephan-spreekt-coldplay-over-nieuwe-track-higher-power & the full Alt Nation interview also changed the order for the 28(!) interviews aired on the 7th, they're now listed per country/continent
  15. Thank you so much! Listening to the interviews. The guys are trying so hard not to say too much about the album 😄
  16. I can hear the "can we" but I don't hear "just wanna go up higher at all". Maybe we'll get a better idea with the live performances in a few days
  17. I know many here are complaining about Jonny's guitar being too underutilized in the song - and it's true - but he's not totally absent. There are little nuggets and guitar licks throughout the song's opening choruses and verses and even it does sound rather unrecognizable due to the effects on the guitar there's no mistaking the guitar in the final chorus - which arguably should have been there the entire time, to be honest. Overall my thoughts on the song are rather mixed - yes, it's a tad bit generic and in line with the resurgence of 80s' synthpop throughout the past 5/6 yea

    Just wanted to say that I'm getting extreme nostalgic vibes seeing all the old peeps still hanging around here :wacky:

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      Hellooooo :dazzled: isn't it wonderful :awesome: 

  19. THANKS MY DUDE who would have thought that after 15 friggn years I'm still as invested in this band as ever dhdfhdf
  20. There is a very convenient thread with all the latest interviews! Find it here : https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/80850-higher-power-interviews-masterthread/
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