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  2. The differences throughout the song for the first 3 minutes are quite minimal. And you can tell it just doesn't feel done yet. But damn, I absolutely LOVE the last bit with the drum fills and eclectic/distorted guitar (somewhat reminds me of the Speed of Sound guitar). Hope this will remain in the final version 🙂
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  6. well, somehow there seems to be a leak of the race v2(dont worry, i wont share it anywhere, so dont ask me for it ;)) not much difference to the original gs version tho, just a guitar solo in the end, slight change of lyrics, the bridge is different(with the female voice from the ahfod version), more strings, more drums, more jonny, the outro is nice tho
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  8. It's interesting because closing tracks tend to be the critical statement for so many Coldplay albums and tours. Indeed they performed O, DAAHF, Up&Up, Amsterdam, Everything's Not Lost on those respective tours. But Twisted Logic and Up With The Birds were exceptions here.... I think Coloratura is doable but it would be more of an immersive performance vs played 100% live. Unless Coldplay finally decides to tour with extra musicians to play strings, glockenspiel, extra keyboards, synths etc, which I don't think will happen. I could see them doing the opening of the song on piano and b
  9. Playing vinyl records takes effort. The quality of the record you what to play matters. The quality of your turntable , stylus , speakers will also matter. You can have a great setup, but a terrible pressing of a record or a cd / digital sourced pressing isn’t going to sound amazing. for me I do enjoy the work that it takes to listen to something. I have many great memories looking at records , pulling out the inserts from cassettes and cds. Vinyl has obviously been making a come back these last 10 years but with streaming services for movies and music , and physical media
  10. I own most on vinyl as well as CD's but to be honest I am not sure what all the hype is around vinyl's. Yeah they look cool but they sound terrible. Idk maybe I just have a bad record player but I recently bought a new one and all the records I tried kept skipping. Plus there is a constant static noise. I'd rather just listen on a CD/streaming lol.
  11. Coloratura really does seem so grandiose that the band might shy away from playing it. It reminds me of Hypnotised, and they have only played Hypnotised once--a stripped down version with zero backing tracks. It reminds me of Moving to Mars and All I Can Think About Is You, which have been played only once. I hope we get to hear Coloratura live in all its glory, since they do make use of plenty of backing tracks in their live sets. But I don't know, something about it makes me doubt they'll ever play a full 10 minute live version.
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  13. Aye. What do we reckon is the most complicated song to perform anyways? Kind of a fun conversation: -I feel like Everything's Not Lost is up there for its length and the sort of "which verse or chorus or refrain do we do next", and it seems like every tour they do it slightly differently. Glass of Water and DAAHF stick out to me as songs with funny time signatures. -In terms of songs where you can really see the boys using their brains and communicating with each other, I think the MX tour version of GPASUYF where they have to time the drumroll-into-Jonny's-riff correctly or perhaps
  14. I hear you! That's worth a shot. I don't even own anything that plays cassettes but damnit they're so pretty that I have to have one. I am in the seeming minority that actually likes the MOTS cover a lot, but I just love the planets/Coloratura-nebula. Hilariously, I ALSO get 100% of my Coldplay through CDs with the exception of the Kaleidoscope EP which is an extremely pretty shade of turquoise (the CD is a stupid shade of pink or something) even though I don't have vinyl player. So I can relate. 🙂
  15. For your first question, I too don't know the answer. I believe you can contact Coldplay on thier Tweeter account and someone mamaging that account may take a look at it. Its not guaranteed but worth a shot. For your second question, I don't plan to order that collection unfortunately. Since I've known of Coldplay (2002) I have been buying only their music from CD discs. I don't have any plans to change up the format. Got this metal mesh box in the 2000s or so and I've had my small musical CDs collection in there. I'm excited to add Coldplay's 9th one later this year
  16. Luckily I was near my front entryway and heard someone slip something into my mail box. Turns out it was my Coldplay shirt. I'm very pleased with it. They used the fictional K language (forget the name sorry) to indicate the sizes.
  17. For sure it will be arranged a bit differently for live performance. Although the complexity of this song makes me a bit worried too, I see a lot of ways how to make killer live performance out of it. And I totally see Jonny playing some synths live, maybe even Guy as well. There have been quite a lot songs before that, where they figured out a great live version and I doubt that they let complexity of studio version to be an obstacle to play this great song live. I might be wrong, but I totally feel that Will saying in Greg James interview "his favourite song will be played in some form"
  18. Sorry to self-repost but hoping to get an answer to this? ALSO is anyone interested in trading a red cassette for a green cassette LOL? I want to get the Coloratura case, but want the Floris tape because I have PREFERENCES and love green/teal.
  19. I'm over the moon that they posted this. Really increased my enjoyment of the song in a few ways! -Jonny: you can hear the "mistake" in the guitar solo. You can tell it's not just 1 guitar track duplicated but actually 2 separate guitar recordings superimposed. Towards the end of the solo there's a discrepancy where 2 different notes sound, and one of them sounds sort of incorrect, but weirdly works in the song in context anyways. -Will: he sounds GREAT. The effects on his voice are interesting...it sounds a bit like chorus effect, or perhaps his voice duplicated but with an extremel
  20. If all artists do this then the Japanese music industry must be worth A LOT more than in any other country with stans buying the Japanese edition instead of or on top of their local one?! It's kind of crazy to think about.
  21. Imagine the japanese bonus track being The Race, that would skyrocket the sales of that version among fans! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a copy if that was the case!!! :P
  22. My view is actually the exact opposite of OP. If the Japanese edition doesn't have any bonus tracks I'll be disappointed
  23. Jonny's guitar tone in Coloratura is just so gorgeous and it's even easier to tell with this isolated track. He may not be a technical virtuoso, but he's one of those guitarists like The Edge who is just so good at creating such a beautiful guitar tone. And it does wonders for Coldplay's sound.
  24. I am really in awe that they have released these isolated tracks - usually very private and behind the scenes, hearing Jonny’s solo isolated is a thing of beauty as were the other three parts too. I am so excited for this album!!!!
  25. Both might have elements of Life is Beautiful but both ultimately will end up being new songs
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