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  3. Speed Of Sound (Live 2012) vs Trouble in Town
  4. Paradise (Live for Global Goal) vs Speed of Sound (Live 2012)
  5. In My Place (Live 2003) (I'm not a big fan of the acoustic version to be honest. Will does an amazing job singing it but it should be performed on the mainstage IMHO) vs Paradise (Live for Global Goal)
  6. In My Place (Live 2003) vs In My Place (Live in Buenos Aires)
  7. One I Love (Live 2003) vs In My Place (Live 2003)
  8. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I wish it was true though. The artist whose art has been shared by Guy on his IG acc said on Twitter that she hasn't been contacted by the band in any way (yet?). This is literally what she said on Twitter: ''Oh my God lmaooooo As of right now: they haven’t contacted me for art or licensed anything!! I think he just liked the piece and wanted to post it! '' EDIT: Here's a screenshot I made from Twitter:
  9. One I Love vs One I Love (Live 2003)
  10. This feels like a direct reference to it... Guy has been sharing a bunch of surreal artwork from different artists lately. Maybe he just loves surrealism... or he's just sharing some art from the people the band has been working with lately! :O
  11. I was thinking about that... Somenone said the other day that MAYBE we can see the new outfits for the upcoming era...
  12. This will be an interesting gig. A lot of people’s thought process is that Coldplay were meant to announce an album this year but didn’t because of the pandemic. I wonder if this will be the start of it all, similar to how they played ‘Amazing Day’ at the Global Citizen Festival in New York back in 2015.
  13. Well, seems like there's lots of catching up that I have to do in this forum if I ever plan to be a kind of active member again. Glad I can always come here to find some good Oldplay content tho.
  14. Last week
  15. Birds vs (birds are) Animals xD
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