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  2. After many listenings i have to admit that People of the Pride has become a strong favourite. I love it when they go that dark and nearly angry style. The production is great too, love all the little effects, especially towards the end. This song has written attitude all over it. Having a walk (..to the sound of my favourite tune^^) while it's on your headphones is really great for your mindset. AND Chris choreography live is just amazing 😎
  3. What a fun idea! It would be my first, so I'm in!
  4. Yesterday
  5. You have much bigger Coldplay musical library compared to me. So for that reason I don't think we could really trade anything. I watched your video but I can't remember.. did you have "Brothers & Sisters" CD (physical) in your collection? I own that one if you'd like it. I'm curious about your homebrewed cut of the 'Cry Cry Cry' song, that chipmunk-y voice brothered me as well so if you'd like to share your music edit I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. Have to agree here. It would be neat if they released the Aurora song as first as a free music-download on the official Coldplay website for like 2 days only ( a span of 48 hours ) then afterwards have it available to buy for purchase on music streaming platforms. They might push it into Vol.2 however it would make more logic ro release it sooner.
  7. You could do a whole 2 parts album with that list lol. Also I prefer the name Don Quixote instead of Spanish Rain πŸ˜…
  8. Can only speak on my experience. I'm an USA citizen and my concert isn't till 2022. Before I was sent to the payment page, they had a box for to check via a mouse-click that read something of the lines of : You and guest(s) [if guest(s)] must be vaccinated. That's all it said, I'm bit concerned because I did get vaccinated however I somehow misplaced the paperwork. My husband has his but I can't find mine. Unsure if they need the official documentation.. if they do I'll need to try to sort this out.
  9. Got two tickets for this show! 🀩 Berlin x Coldplay woohoo πŸ˜„
  10. Please help! Is there someone who would like to swap 2 Higher Power-packages for ANYTHING for the 10th. Just found out that my The Killers concert was postponed to the 12th of July and I really want to go to both…
  11. Can't remember exactly when and where, Chris said that they have tried to write 5 songs for Bond, but they were not good enough. It was in a recent interview however, of this month or of September. Actually I think it was just joking when he said that, but I may be wrong... I'm sorry but I can't recall the details of thisπŸ˜…
  12. What do you mean by this? Where/when did they mention not releasing 5 songs?
  13. between Calypso and Supersolis, you see a bright turquoise planet
  14. Will there be anyone queuing early (GA ticket)? I will probably attend this concert alone, so maybe it would be nice to meet up πŸ™‚
  15. Exactly! I actually wouldn't mind if they quit at their peak. I would be much more sad if they some day turn into something I don't like anymore. Also, the statement of Chris about hoping to be able to tour "like the Rolling Stones" is not something I really like. I'm not sure they can still create the same energy and vibe when they're in their seventies as they do now. But we'll see! Apart from this, I can't rΓ©ally imagine a world without Coldplay. Ofcourse this would make me sad too. Just like sometimes I wish I lived in the sixties, to be able to see the Beatles live, etc. But the
  16. is it just me who love Old Friends ? Not a filler at all for me, just too short
  17. this plan makes sense to me too I guess that, if they have planned all the next albums it's because they have already written most part of them. I expect we will have more unreleased tracks from previous eras (I cross my fingers for Bloodless Revolution on Vol.2)
  18. by the way, i m looking for the lossless audio gig from brisbane on 2009-03-09 which was available on this dl section some years ago. Nobody has it pleaz?
  19. Think the last album will be full of unreleased tracks like The Race. I'm sure Coldplay knows people want tracks like that someday.
  20. That's a biutiful colour!! 😍 You lucky thing!
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