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    why is my thread turning into a general topic chatroom
  3. I don't think the Covid is going to change Music of the Spheres, that would not match the hint that they left in Everyday Life, here the reason why the album has not been released yet, is because maybe the band could not finish recording the album , or they want to release the album on a date where everything has settled down and they go on tour and most likely they couldn't trademark the name I think that Music of the Spheres will be the same from it's conception in 2018
  4. But MOTS as a title obviously remains, so the ideas for some of the songs probably have stayed untouched. Would have been interesting however to find out how much the course of the album has changed in the past year since the pandemic. I am 100% convinced this will also be included in the theme.
  5. That’s a hard one.... Talk vs A Whisper
  6. Last week
  7. A Message vs Swallowed in the Sea
  8. Both of these posts have got me thinking. Perhaps the pandemic has put the band in a different state of mind compared to what they were working on before, so not only did they cancel the Global Citizen performance, but they also decided to revisit LP9 in light of the events of 2020. It reminds me of what U2 did with the Songs Of Experience album. It was due to be released in late 2016, but then the US election happened and Bono had a mysterious near-death experience. This caused the band to go back and rework the material. The album ended up being delayed until late 2017.
  9. Also, this covid 19 era might have changed Chris' perception of life in general and it may be that they have changed the direction entirely (let's not forget Mylo Xyloto was first meant to be The Wedding Album). The life we now know has changed immeasurably and this will surely reflect in the band's songwriting.
  10. Can’t forget as well that Coldplay were due to perform at the Global Citizen Festival 2020 which I believe was around September? I’d assume that something would’ve been released before then if it wasn’t for coronavirus
  11. Ghost Story vs Cemeteries of London
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