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  2. I'm looking for a physical copy. I have all 55 issues... except that one. And as a Coldplay fan, it's even more a shame that I haven't been able to find one.
  3. Do you want the CD-Rom content or the actual magazine?
  4. If you remember the CD-Rom magazine from the late 90s-mid 00's called Launch, Coldplay were the focus of issue No. 50. Of all of the issues, theirs seems to be the most illusive, never showing up in online stores (ebay, amazon, etc.). Does anyone here have the issue? If so, would you mind messaging me?
  5. Last week
  6. The leak sounds good, but similar to the heaven leak that happened years ago. It sounds raw and unfinished. Hopefully this leak won't affect them possibly wanting to put out a refined and finished version in the future because it sounds great!
  7. I think the Race is definitely getting released soon. The leak is getting aggressively taken down everywhere, from Youtube to Twitter. Other Coldplay demos or leaks (i.e.: Vitamins etc.) aren't getting taken down like this. To put this into perspective, during the buildup to Avicii's posthumous album, a version of Heaven (featuring Chris!) got leaked. This version was different than the one that ended up being released on the final album, but nevertheless, it got taken down pretty aggressively all over the internet. Before this leak, another version of Heaven was circling around the internet, featuring Simon Aldred instead of Chris, but this was not taken down at that time. So, I think this is a sign of a release coming soon!
  8. Hey all you people! I did a cover or Everyday life a while back that I think you'll all enjoy. At the risk of sounding cocky, I think it sounds pretty good haha I tried to play it so that it sounds like Chris's chords in the studio version and the live version and I even incorporated guys baseline at the end of the song! in any case, here's the link! give it a listen if you want! or don't lol whatever you wanna do. https://youtu.be/X-We56fjaCs
  9. Maybe we have the first single at the end of July or maybe before... And we have the album in August or September
  10. The third quarter starts a week from now, that could be a date to look out for
  11. Side note: anyone here actually watch always sunny in philly? Show is hilarious😂
  12. Coldplay: this moon thing is a nice aesthetic 😊 Y'all:
  13. Yeah that's what I was suggesting, however I'm not sure it matches the july 10th moon phase.
  14. Going totally wild here, but what if we have to wait until the moon phases graphics match the favicon moon phase? Would this match the July 10th actual moon phase?
  15. Moon phases must mean something given that they now are in the favicon
  16. Looking at those moons, I'm only able to think of one thing it could indicate. Obviously, they are just the regular phases of the moon and change with the moon's actual phase. IF the moons will indicate something, it's not going to be just those moons. The tab icon / favicon for the coldplay website has changed to the shape of the moon recently. To me, this matches the 6th moon the closest (the next phase, not the one that's currently active). To me, that would be the only reasonably logical moment to announce something. The moon phases themselves have been there since AHFOD, but certainly not before. It would be weird if just the phases will indicate something which they planned for back in the AHFOD webdesign stage.
  17. Nope... That will most likely remain a mistery til the end of time...
  18. It may simply be nothing. But that still doesn’t explain why they would put the moon phase on their cover photo/twitter handle off to the side if they weren’t trying to tease or hint at something coming soon. Also I don’t recall it being there before ahfod but I could be wrong about that.
  19. Just a few things to add: That account was fake although they were probably the ones who leaked the race. The moon thingy has been there since AHFOD. It's probably just apart of their aesthetic at this point. It's never lead to anything important
  20. The circle in the right is not full moon, it’s new moon and there will be dotted lines around it. It was like this in Ahfod era.
  21. Wait, didn’t the moon thingy on the website always change according to the stance of the moon? Am I missing something? Also, pretty sure the band didn’t leak an old, unfinished version of their own song. From a marketing point of view that doesn’t make much sense I think?
  22. Do we have any idea what World Without You sounds like?
  23. It is a countdown. Mark my words i was right about the shirt. The band has leaked the race just like they leaked “everyday life” an announcement and single will be happening Friday.
  24. could be a countdown..... because there is a full moon at the end and in the beginning there`s no full moon. it makes no sense the change because if I`m not wrong today is a full moon
  25. I made that Tracklist too.. based on Making of GS haha
  26. Guys the moon thing changed on the Coldplay website!
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