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  4. do you have a laptop or pc? if yes you can download it from iTunes and then put it on an mp3 player
  5. I would like to buy it! I just don't have an Apple device or Apple music. I want to buy it to download and put on my mp3 player.
  6. I'd love to buy it!!!! I just don't have an Apple device or Apple Music. I want to be able to download it and put it on my mp3 player. Anyone know where I can buy it and download it? Like Amazon?
  7. According to Spotify I am in the top 0.1% of Coldplay listeners... And yes, my most listened to Coldplay song was Coloratura (although it didn't make it into my top 10 or even 15 songs of the year on my Wrapped).
  8. Guys, support the band and buy the EP lmao
  9. it's available to buy on iTunes if you don't have Apple Music.
  10. Very ungrateful take about the EP I for one really thought the EP was truly special. Human Heart sounds the best it’s ever been, and this is also the best version of POTP ever thanks to how crisp Jonny’s guitar sounds. Coloratura and Christmas Lights sounds great as well. Only problem I have is with HP, seems like the drums and bass are mixed poorly. Dolby Atmos never really did this song any favours unfortunately.
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  12. Of course you can pay for it. Or you can have a 3 Month free to use Apple Music. Apart from Coloratura, it's nothing really special.
  13. Could try to download Itunes and buy it? Otherwise downloading without paying is piracy
  14. Out of curiosity where are you seeing them? The Chicago venue is Soldier Field, a stadium venue.
  15. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the audio from this EP? I don't have Apple Music or an Apple Device so I can't stream it. I want to download it. Anyone know where I could get it?
  16. It's been stuck in my head recently, such a good track
  17. Their indoor setup reminds me a lot of u2s ei and ie tours but it looks like on the Ticketmaster map there will be some extensions on the B stage.
  18. I'm conflicted! I actually really like the high-slidey part of Angel Moon's voice, ie the bit that shows up in the Overtura preview. I don't quite like the voice in the verses...it just sounds like a chipmunk when they could've invited a female singer or had one of Chris's children sing it. The overall instrumental is quite interesting, with a lot of electronic/backwards sounding stuff. But it's not electronic for the sake of seeming poppy (like ASFOS or SJLT) which is sort of how you know they DID think about this track intentionally.
  19. I'm curious too - I bought Chicago tickets and it'll be my first show! On first glance based on the Seattle show, seems similar to AHFOD tour with a mainstage and then an extension stage into the middle?
  20. I wanted to create this thread to discuss what the Music of the Spheres world tour stage setup might look like.
  21. also any other visuals from Music of the Spheres live performances, I'm usually blown away by the creativity but this is just another level. Like at the Hollywood Bowl whomever it is that was responsible for that is just insanely talented. They knew the architecture and physics of the surrounding structure and animated the lyrics and visuals to adapt to the structure. Just brilliant!
  22. Does anyone have the My Universe Visuals from the live version with BTS? Would be amazing if anyone did!!
  23. It's not normal, but unfortunately for the Coldplay store it does seem to be normal... Lots of people are having issues with their orders not arriving, no word on if they're shipped or conflicting and confusing messages from their customer support. It's a mess. You could try contacting the store's customer service but no guarantee that will help. Just know you're not alone
  24. If we made It most liked topic of the Month i will upload link to All of my Coldplay bootlegs colection and just subscribe to my youtube channel
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