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  2. Hi Folks, We have more Coldplay tutorials added to YouTube. You can find them here - LightKey Piano
  3. This post has made me smile ๐Ÿ’œ They did ask us to request a song for the concert we were going to by posting a video on IG and performed one of the requests at every concert on AHFOD tour. We don't know what it is going to be like on MOTS but you could make a sign to request the song. They'd even let quite a few couples pop the question on stage!! or send a request via Coldplay.com. Good luck! Hope you get to hear it live.
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  5. Coloratura vs How you see the World
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  7. Me and My new Husband are big Coldplay fans (I'm not obsessive, so you may understand the story to come), before we even met but have never had the chance or money to go to one of their concerts. We got married this year and our first dance song was Adventures of a Life Time, which I know will be a bit weird to some people but after I have posed my question for advice I will tell you the story behind it. As our Christmas present, next year birthday presents and first anniversary present to each other we have booked tickets for the Music of the Spheres world tour at Wembley on Saturda
  8. Starting this topic because I didnt see anything about the album itself, besides when it first released. Most people on the forum talk about EL as the best of Coldplay's more recent records but still lesser than the first four and I disagree. In terms of experimentation, you have the gorgeous classical piece Sunrise, the Floydian political protest Trouble in Town, the tour-de-force of horns on Arabesque and whatever When I Need a Friend is. Acapella chamber music maybe? Ive heard little like it but it's incredible either way. The experimentation isnt as obvious as Viva a
  9. I doubt, that the concept of MotS volumes has ever been to produce same kind of stuff X 3. I don't see any reason at all, why they would do it. There is certainly something different coming up with possible next volumes. But indeed, nothing official about the vol 2 or vol 3 yet. Just some pieces of information, which can be interpreted in different ways and some wishful thinking from fans is what we rely on. At least we know that this release so far was Vol I. From Earth with Love. So far seems like Vol II has been From Critics with Hate. Anyway, I see some exaggeration with criticis
  10. i have coldplay hurts like heaven live tour visuals you can watch it here
  11. they scrapped an entire version of X&Y before releasing what we know today, so discarding albums would definitely not something new
  12. There was the handwritten message about Coloratura where Chris wrote vol. 1. So there should be at least a second volume, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense to point out the information in my opinion... Things are more difficult to predict about a third volume however
  13. I knew of the video, but I'm pretty sure that this introduction refers to three videos for the three singles, all directed by Dave Meyers and set in the same universe. Ahahaha, nothing is impossible. But this summer Victoria Canal said she worked with them for the following record.
  14. In the music video for Higher Power, MOTS is described as being in 'three parts'... I am sure there are other reasons though.
  15. Just a silly question. Everyone seems very certain that Coldplay will release other two volumes from the MotS project. But how do we know? Why not just a second volume?
  16. I hope I'm not the only person thinking the lyrics for this song are surprisingly good... They seem to have put some effort into them.
  17. Yes, I saw it to, I always wanted to watch it ;-; but is for +14 years old and my older brother dont let me watch. I finish the game.
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