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  2. Wow awesome 🤩 I like the Dua Lipa and BTS collab even though the album is between synth pop and heavy death metal but amazing
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  4. A lot of the time chris sings over his own vocals for a few reasons. It helps him stay in tune better and also it helps him project his voice louder. Especially live with all of the drums bleeding into the vocal microphone. All artists do this, a lot even use live vocal tuning live. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just polishes things up. As a playback engineer I understand why he lipsyncs sometimes. There’s just a lot of factors that come we aren’t aware of!
  5. Another moment where I'd question if it was live is at around 2:25 when Chris made a mistake and you can hear how low the volume of his live vocals actually is.
  6. I think the album is finished just needed some fine tuning and adjustments and possibly working on collaborations I forsee a Dua Lipa and BTS collab
  7. For me it was sang 100% live by Chris but on chorus, je has a lot of help from the 4 singer. He was out of breath during all the song, we heard it even during the chorus.
  8. At around 1:50min into the HP performance there's a transition from playback to live vocals in my opinion. Chris suddenly sounds quite out of breath, which he doesn't sound like at all during the chorus itself despite his dancing. I think from 1:19-1:50 is playback and same for the other choruses.
  9. Why do you think it's playback. For this Time, I think he really sang live, we heard less his voice when he was away of the mic.
  10. To me it sounds like Chris is lip synching the chorus during the Today Show performance of HP. And I also think Clocks was fully mimed.
  11. true. we would need a higher quality recording then an audience recording to tell if it's a pre-recorded vocal track.
  12. There was four singer, for me it was played live. Backing track vocal are used since 2005, even guitar backing track (Square one, yellow, 42 in 2008,...). The most important problem for me is when chris totally lipsync on songs. Now as Chris use live playback vocal it's hard to know if he sang live or not. We don't know if ASFOS at NY yesterday was really sang live.
  13. The Hardest Part vs Warning Sign
  14. Even in the Tonight Show performance? I certainly hope not. Though all of the electric performances have used playback for the backing vocals, except for maybe Will's. Maybe. I can't tell if Will is actually singing.
  15. so far, all of the HP performances in NYC have used playback for the love choir.
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  17. why is this a thread in a coldplay forum what the actual hell?
  18. By the way, I just saw that Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds promoted We're On Our Way Now live at Jimmy Fallon's show!!! It's a great performance but I think Noel can sing better than this, feels like he was a bit nervous! He definitely did not sing bad but you'll get what I mean if you compare it to the Absolute Radio performance from earlier this month, the choruses in particular. Though I love the performance
  19. High Flying Birds's latest single We're On Our Way Now is seriously one of Noel's best songs in a long time... Have to be honest that I wasn't really impressed by it the first times I heard it. The choruses are so good. That's what makes this song is one of his best. Another great thing about We're On Our Way Now is that it's got more guitar! Around 2:35 there are some great guitar riffs or solo after the 2nd chorus which sounds beautiful! You can hear it much better in those live performances. Not to mention the backing vocals! The backing vocals live are in my opinion even better t
  20. Hurts Like Heaven vs Cemeteries of London
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