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  2. Wooden Yes, I was listening to We Never Change a little bit ago 😂
  3. 42Escapist

    The song Game!

    New Way Home by Foo Fighters
  4. Yesterday
  5. In his interview with the podcast Lockdown Dads, Will mentions they were never meant to tour at this point even if there were no lockdown (at least that's what I understood). But he was very careful not to say anything about future plans apart from that they exist... thinking we might be getting some new music this year but think the tour will still happen in 2022. This year's Fall might still be very risky and we won't be rid of Covid yet.
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  7. Last week
  8. Same error for me as well....
  9. @Captain Crieff.... I hadn't never heard about him.
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  11. Sucks that you can’t sort Coldplay videos by most popular no more. Why is that?
  12. Any luck? Sorry I wasn’t able to look at my Triton rack yesterday but can today
  13. The opening got my heart racing, you nailed the beat of, "Politik" with the running sequence. Great minds think alike.. often times when I listen to Coldplay's "Politik" I mentally picture in my head, someone running or quick cut-aways to various things; you've editing matched pretty well to the music. It's also nice you chose to shoot in black and white, only highlighting in color with what you want the audience to seek out such as the blue pillars or the McDonalds sign. I'm only 6 minutes into this, want to finish watching however where I am it's late at night and I can barel
  14. Just in time... Happy 44th birthday to Chris!
  15. Hurts Like Heaven and Don't Let It Break Your Heart... I'll never get over those two powerful songs!
  16. 9: Another's Arms 8: Oceans 7: Always in My Head 6: Ink 5. Midnight 4: Magic 3: O 2: True Love 1: A Sky Full of Stars
  17. No more Vst in use, For those who wanna know the sounds of vst visit Xloy Dom in Youtube
  18. Earlier
  19. The Race wasn’t ‘released’ it was leaked. And it was also the early Ghost Stories version of it, far different to what it could be now in 2021.
  20. And here's mine😄 Overall a very well done mixtape, very coherent with the title and tracks are really on the same vibe, all relaxing, hypnotic and sensual,I really liked this coherence. Also, it gave me the opportunity to listen to a style of music I generally don’t listen, nice listening experience and thank you for made me relisten to a couple of beautiful songs I already knew but lost touch with! 1. Cosmic delirium: 8, nice instrumental to begin this hypnotic journey, as the title suggests it’s all space vibes, but a catchy relaxing melody (appreciated) instead of a delirium/
  21. Yes when i close my eyes i hear the real coldplay piano sound
  22. You can listen to this show on http://www.kevinandbeanarchive.com. Amazing archive. A direct link (Skip to 1:15:32 for Chris's interview) http://www.kevinandbeanarchive.com/May_16_2014-no_songs_no_commercials.mp3
  23. I haaave noooooooo doubt....
  24. Massively popular K-Pop group 'BTS' have covered Coldplay's ever-popular track 'Fix You' for MTV Unplugged! The grammy nominated group made their debut on MTV Unplugged last night from a stage on Seoul, South Korea. The group performed a slew of new songs from their latest album BE (Deluxe Edition) for the first time. To the surprise of viewers, BTS switched to english and performed a beautiful rendition of Coldplay's multi-platinum single 'Fix You'. Before diving into the cover, Jimin shared, “This song gave us comfort, so we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort you as wel
  25. what a hidden gem! I'm pretty sure I've heard this version before...
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