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  2. Hi Folks, We have more Coldplay tutorials added to YouTube. You can find them here - LightKey Piano
  3. This post has made me smile 💜 They did ask us to request a song for the concert we were going to by posting a video on IG and performed one of the requests at every concert on AHFOD tour. We don't know what it is going to be like on MOTS but you could make a sign to request the song. They'd even let quite a few couples pop the question on stage!! or send a request via Coldplay.com. Good luck! Hope you get to hear it live.
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  5. Coloratura vs How you see the World
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  7. Starting this topic because I didnt see anything about the album itself, besides when it first released. Most people on the forum talk about EL as the best of Coldplay's more recent records but still lesser than the first four and I disagree. In terms of experimentation, you have the gorgeous classical piece Sunrise, the Floydian political protest Trouble in Town, the tour-de-force of horns on Arabesque and whatever When I Need a Friend is. Acapella chamber music maybe? Ive heard little like it but it's incredible either way. The experimentation isnt as obvious as Viva a
  8. i have coldplay hurts like heaven live tour visuals you can watch it here
  9. I hope I'm not the only person thinking the lyrics for this song are surprisingly good... They seem to have put some effort into them.
  10. New Unreleased Coldplay Remix for download 1566899546_ColdplayxBTS-MyUniverse(ColdplayWorldRemix).mp3
  11. Ticket Swap: Wembley 16/8 1x Seat for 19/8 Standing Straight swap or make me an offer. Might even consider swapping for a seated ticket for 19/8 (not pitch, standing). The seat for Wembley 16/8 is in Block 520, Row 4. It cost £79.25 (with fees). Standing tickets (pitch) cost ~£95.75 (with fees) - so happy to pay the difference in price of course - really need to make this exchange! It is an e-ticket - the terms & conditions allow us to change the names over with the organisers/ticket seller by email or tel. Wish me luck! 🤞🏽 Hoping to hear from you, Herbscape
  12. Interesting, I didn't know about this! So it would make sense that somehow vol 2 will start from that or be connected to it
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  14. Hey all, I once had a promo from X&Y era. I have it in 320, but cannot find it anywhere in lossless. Does anyone have it and can PM me? It includes: In My Place Politik Daylight Scientist All LIve, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, got the Higher Power early entry tickets for this date. Does anyone have any experience of early entry at previous Paris shows? What's the best time to queue within this category? Do they sell a lot of these early entry tickets? I.e will the queue still be big?
  16. Yes finally, a b-sides episode! I too really admired "The Goldrush" song, I plan to make a sign when I see them next year. Here's hoping they'll consider playing it.
  17. Someone have archived coldplay bootlegs ?
  18. I have a seat for the 10th of July show and it would be nice to meet some of you before or after the show and possibly queue together! Also, if anyone has information how the "will call" ticket pickup works, I would be grateful. That's the one thing that is a bit unclear to me. They say the will call tickets can be picked up the day of the concert, but where and when? They wouldn't send the ticket by mail.
  19. Hi there! Is it possible to have a business email to contact or contact directly an admin?
  20. Here's mine: |pink|........✶Venus - You Leave Me Alone (Full Version)|red|..........✶ Imagine Dragons - Radioactive |rust|.........✶Keane - Dirt|orange|....✶The Beatles - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da|yellow|.....✶Pharrell Williams - Happy|green|......✶Pink Floyd - Money|teal|.........✶Coldplay - Clocks|blue|........✶The Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon|navy|.......✶Cowboy Bebop - Rain (Female Vocal Version)|black|......✶ The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black |gray|........✶The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony|lilac|.........✶Muse - Starlight|purple|.....✶The Killers - The Man|rose|........✶The Kinks - Wat
  21. I don't like to bump old threads, but what happened to Bless?
  22. This song is so good, so so good!
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