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  2. Higher Power's outro sounds like the live intro singalong to the live 2012 version of ETIAW! Could it be a connection to the MX era and have similar concepts/arrangements/themes (since Alien Radio was an idea Coldplay had during the MX era)? I am hopeful! IMG_7934.MP4 IMG_7934.MP4 IMG_7934.MP4
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  4. Maybe this is why they stopped playing most of the songs from Viva (apart from the obligatory Viva la Vida because it's a hit and a stadium crowd will sing along every time). There's a kind of darker atmosphere to the album that may not be as dark as Trouble In Town but still doesn't fit so well with the themes and sounds of AHFOD. I'm amazed they played Violet Hill at all during the AHFOD tour. Even then, they only played it sparingly.
  5. I hope they actually do continue until their old age...a world without Coldplay is something I don't even want to imagine.
  6. Missed a Coldplay interview this week? We've got your back! Here's a list of every interview we could find! This week, Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will set out on a virtual press junket to promote their latest single 'Higher Power. For archival purposes and your enjoyment, we have uploaded the audio of every interview we could find on Coldplaying. Along with this list is full or partial video clips of the zoom calls conducted with the band. We are currently adding to this list so if you happen to come across an interview that isn't on this list, drop me a DM! [2021-05-07] Chris
  7. added Qmusic NL https://qmusic.nl/nieuws/stephan-spreekt-coldplay-over-nieuwe-track-higher-power & the full Alt Nation interview also changed the order for the 28(!) interviews aired on the 7th, they're now listed per country/continent
  8. Thank you so much! Listening to the interviews. The guys are trying so hard not to say too much about the album 😄

    Just wanted to say that I'm getting extreme nostalgic vibes seeing all the old peeps still hanging around here :wacky:

    1. Coeurli


      Hellooooo :dazzled: isn't it wonderful :awesome: 

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  11. If Coldplay continues this 80s pop style trend hope they team up with Chromeo
  12. I love this about them. They're actually trying to do better from an environmental standpoint. They've used their status as public figures to help make positive changes in the world for a long time. I just can't see them doing the same thing they did with the Ghost Stories theatre tour. Not if the new album is another big release like MX or AHFOD with songs that are perfect for a massive stadium crowd.
  13. See there's no sun rising, but inside I'm free
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  15. aaAAAHHH they're still as adorable as back in the days UGH (also hello )
  16. Hi everyone! My name's JD and over the past few weeks, I've mentioned (mainly on Reddit) that my buddy and I were working on a new Coldplay podcast. Our first episode is OFFICIALLY HERE, listen to Coldplay Are Us below. Normally we go track-by-track through an album, but we had to talk about Higher Power first! Check out our Fresh Hot Takes below and then subscribe because our Parachutes album will be out May 17! Available wherever you listen, etc. I've loved this band for over a decade and I really hope you enjoy the series. PLEASE discuss the eps, reach out on social media, and yel
  17. Wonderful video! The guest appearances are particularly cool, never thought I'd see Matt Smith in a music video but here we go 😂 The song itself is amazing. I also can't wait to hear Flying On The Ground, which will also be on the Back The Way We Came compilation album. Dead In The Water is one of Noel's best solo tracks. No question. The emotion in his voice is powerful. And he sounds just as good in this version.
  18. Coldplay’s new single, Higher Power, is out now via Parlophone / Atlantic. The Max Martin-produced song is available to stream / download everywhere here. To celebrate Higher Power’s release, the band linked up for an extraterrestrial video chat with French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is currently on board the International Space Station. A specially-recorded performance of Higher Power - featuring dancing alien holograms - was beamed up to Pesquet, who gave the track its very first play on board the ISS. The song’s premiere followed a conversation whi
  19. INFO > Coldplay Set to Open 2021 Brit Awards | Billboard > Coldplay announced as opening act for 2021 BRIT Awards | NME
  20. I agree, the vocals were amazing. And I also agree that the piano only songs were super good, but I'm a big fan of their acoustic performances generally. I've had One For My Baby stuck in my head since yesterday, so beautiful. 😍
  21. fyi - posts in this thread are getting caught in the spam filter, probably because they're so long. So if your post doesn't show up immediately, just give it some time until a mod approves it.
  22. Anyone wants to make predictions for setlist? And for how long are they going perform? Considering there is 8-9 artists and it's 5 hours long, I think as headliners they might get 45 to 60 minutes. Obviously we get Viva la Vida with video of people singing along to it. Also Yellow and Fix You. Definitely the newest single Higher Power. Maybe one more new song? Considering they are playing for the cameras, this gives them opportunity to perform some interesting songs. They don't need to hold the energy for 100 000 people in front of them. People watching the stream pay probably m
  23. I think the album will be titled MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. "Higher Power" is a song that is being released months in advance of the album. It's expected another single may be released in mid to late Summer, when the album is officially announced. Perhaps a "Best of..." album will include "Higher Power" on its track list.
  24. I'm guessing the same. Probably something that will weave through the album as an interlude as well. Or maybe even Music of the Spheres being the opening instrumental/interlude...
  25. Post a Gif of a celebrity I'll be open minded You can do Actors Musicians Characters in shows or movies Next poster follows with 1st letter of last name For example if I did Lauren Graham next person would do someone with G Lets start with Ryan Reynolds
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