F5 buttons at the ready! Live official Venice blog on Thursday (9th June)

As announced first via Coldplay’s Messenger this evening, there will be a live blog from the Heineken Jammin’ Festival, San Giuliano Park, Venice, Italy on Thursday (9th June) as the band continue their festival tour in Europe. You can join in with the customary mammoth discussion with your F5 buttons at the ready over in the Coldplay forum during the live blog. This is also in conjunction with the [9-June-2011] Coldplay @ Heineken Jammin’ Festival thread in the Coldplay Live forum.

This blog comes as a welcome surprise as the Oracle recently told us that they weren’t sure whether there would be any for the festivals, saying: “Anchorman has blogged during tour dates not just special events so I am sure there will be more in the future but perhaps not during the impending festival season.”

Will the discussion generate as big a thread as the Wembley, Mencap and Crisis blogs from 2009/10? Who knows! In the meantime, here’s the exerpt from the Messenger with all the blog details: On Thursday this week (June 9th), Coldplay travel to Italy for the third of their summer festival shows, with a headline slot at Venice’s Jammin’ Festival. We’re going along for our latest coldplay.com live blog. Head to the website from Thursday afternoon for lots of behind-the-scenes photos, videos, news and wotnot. [thanks Natascha]

Latest pictures of Coldplay at Rock am Ring festival, Germany (4th June 2011):

Pictures: Rhein Zeitung