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  • Izzzz :heart:
    io benone :D:D oggi sono stata a vedere un cantante italiano *-* ero stra emozionataaaa e domani è il mio compleanno :cheesy: +18 :surprised: :lol:
    spero non siano troppo forti le contrazioni :sad:
    I might go back soon.
    I'm thinking about it ... my flatmate from there keeps asking me to come in the summer.
    But it's so damn hot down there and I don't really have the money. :disappointed:

    Yup, we have the chance to spend a semester abroad with the Erasmus-program.
    Oh my :uhoh:
    Don't worry sweetie, you'll get through it, you just have a little bit more to go :D

    Yeah, I only log on here once every week or so; instead of 6 hours a day :lol:
    I'm trying to focus more on my language learning and school rather than the Internet, and so far I'm doing pretty good
    "ooh when did you go there?"

    Hey ... I've been living there for almost 5 months in the winter of 2008/2009.
    I studied at a university in Andalusia ... it's truly one of the most amazing places ever. :heart:
    :hug: hey dear!!!! I really hope you have time....besides baby Giosue is already a Coldplayer :heart:

    Awww how cute...it sounds like your mother is already a great grandma...what about your father?:nice:

    AWWW thanks...I guess is not cliche....it is the truth, though I feel really disappointed to see how my parents handle their relationship and that I couldn't be less interested in anyone I feel really happy with nice examples as yours! and Yes being single is not the worst thing ever....I enjoy it a lot...and it took me time to be ok with the Idea that at some point I'll need someone :thinking:
    BTW, and if I can ask....isn't Eric the baby's father?

    :wacky: how cute!!! I can just picture this cute little baby all dressed in his tiny little suit!:wacky: :*_*

    that's ok...the baby is coming soon and it seems like you'll have help with all that! I think your wedding will be great!:dance:

    How nice you both are at Coldpaying...because I like spending time here and if I find someone who doesn't like cping or Coldplay it will be hard to me....

    Did you pick the name? cus it's nice!:nice:

    Hope you had a great weekend :kiss::heart::hug:
    I know :bomb: what are they doing there? Cant be so much fun :uneasy:
    I just read the travel diary from the China girls and apparently they are still in Borneo, Malaysia. Cant be fun at all :awesome: I mean diving, hiking in the jungel seeing lots of different monkeys, hanging out at beautiful beaches......:disappointed:

    haha yeah I know :laugh2: it's kinda funny in an ironic way :thinking: they all just disappeared lol. Yeah I have some friends left here but we arent so close really. Usually I hang out with them when I'm with the friends who are gone. :wacky: I did go out to a club this weeked tough :awesome: that was fun

    Silly coats :shame: too bad they have to look so good that you buy them anyway :wacko:

    Oh you have contacts and glasses too? :surprised:
    Yeah eye surgery :nice: we just booked an appointment for it so I'm a little bit nervous now, but my whole family is going with me haha so it's ok and my brother is having the surgery as well. We're having it done in Istanbul becuase it's cheaper and they've done this type of surgery for a longer time than the surgeons in Sweden. Also a friend to the family have been there and had the same surgery and she thought it was the best thing she had done :bomb:.

    I might ask them to give me some sedative though :uhoh: I dont wanna accidently twitch of nervousness when the surgery is preformed :freak:

    Haha cool editor :awesome: me likes

    we look so in love :shy:






    new sig maybe? :laugh2:

    ooh ignore the little white annoying thing in the edges :bomb:
    noo povera :( :hug:
    ma guarda credo sia normale, anche la mia profe di spagnolo che è incinta (si, sono circondata da persone incinte XD) e che tra pochissimo partorisce ha smesso di insegnare dall'ottavo mese perchè anche lei aveva contrazioni.
    See! Here's your chance to do what Jesus did, only with more ice on the lake! (I am a believer that all religions have something good to offer humanity hope for the future, guidance, social justice, and compassion.) I believe Jesus was real, and he was bringing messages of fearlessness when confronting corruption, and compassion and love. That's a mouthful!
    You have a baby?! Wow! Keep him happy then - that is a lot of responsibility!! But, I can tell you will do your best.;)
    :laugh3:Isn't that just so true! Lots of Big Brothers. They need attention - pay him plenty, praise the good things he does. Sage advice from a cousin of mine (who used to boss his sister around!). I'm learning too. They're just the abominable snowmen of the world after all.. Just needing a little love and attention (and a towel snap on occasion).
    :laugh3::laugh3: And you think you're opinionated! My goodness, pretty mild compared to the rest of us alligators here!
    That is true - negativity isn't the answer - but to deflect the blow, turn it around is. We all have our bad days though. But on the average, life gets better the more we make it better!;);)
    Happy Trails to you..
    =from Chuck=
    I changed the layout and I think it looks better now. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the help! I have a a lot more photos I'm going to add.
    Hey, I got your message on my blog. I reposted and put the size on small but some of them are still too big. I'm like an old man with computers, should I download the pictures and resize them or can I change the format of the blog to allow the whole photo?
    sta bene! è ancora presto per lei, nascerà a inizio agosto :nice: tra poco saprà se maschio o femmina *-*

    che bel nome giosuè!! :heart:
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