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  • :wideeyed: squeeze me pleezy
    i want to imagine your knees naked in the breeze while i eat a pizza with cheese
    Isabeeeeel Maria :freak:

    wahaha :awesome: I like that smiley too :nice: this one I mean -> :freak: the :awesome: one is getting a bit boring but I use it anyway

    Yes they are gone :(
    One is in Australia with a friend of hers and they have been there for like three weeks now. They will be home in like may or june,
    Three are in China right now I think or Borneo :thinking: they are travelling around south asia anyway and two of them will be home in march :heart: while the third one goes to Australia with her boyfriend
    One friend lives way down in the south of Sweden now cause he's studying there and another friend is studying not so far away (1,5 hours) but it's kinda tricky to get there with buses and all that :disappointed:

    haha aw :wacky: I like coats but not when I go shopping cause it gets so hot inside the stores :freak:
    I think shorts are my fav clothing item to wear so bring me summer now :bomb:

    yay look up lumix :nice: I hope you'll like it

    oooh :surprised: I think I want a Nikon d80:
    but I havent looked into it really though because I cant afford one right now. I'm saving to be able to have eye surgery :heart: I'm sooo tired of glasses and contact lenses :freak:

    aaah you mean that picture :nice: I'm with you now. What editor did you find? I love the polaroid program :heart: cause I dont have any film haha wiie!
    Dear you can answer me whenever you have time....:nice: because I know that when the :baby::elvis: come you'll have no time! and I'll miss you!:hug:

    Maybe he can ever come near your mums bday!:uhoh:

    :dance: yey!!! and I'll start to prepare the gift!

    Fashion sista!:cheesy: :charming: and secretely Jude Law buddies...:p

    March 22nd! :happy: tell her Happy birthday for me then!!!:)

    :surprised: is it 26 dresses? or something like it? because I've been a brides made for like 20 something times and everbody says that that is the movie of my life :wacko: but I really like the movie! I know it's ok to be single and I really hope to find a nice guy...but I have so bad examples in my family that makes me think of being a single like something I should always be...:disappointed:
    And now I'm even better cus till 2 years ago I used to hate the marriage idea!:surprised:

    :dance: wedding!!!:nice: and the baby will be there!!!:awesome: are you already planning it? and I tought is so cute that you and your BF are on cping....:D

    Giosuè?! Italian right? :baby::elvis: is great!!!!

    :whip: but you should be taking them!

    :kiss: LOVE YOU AND THE BABY!:heart:
    Yeah I hope it will come back when my friends come hope from their looong trips and spring comes cause now it's just like 1 meter snow hiding everything pretty and I'm bummed cause all my friends are far away and I miss them like crazy :disappointed: I like snow but I kinda want spring now :wacky:

    Thanks for the compliment :heart:

    hahaha ooh a few of my friends have asked me that too when they wanted to get new cameras but I'm really not an expert :wacky:. I just know if I like the camers I've tried :thinking:

    My little camera is a Panasonic Lumix dmc fs 62 and I like it cause the pictures are sharp if you know what I mean and it's fast when I press the shutter button, it's light to carry and I can put it in my pocket instead of carrying it around all the time. The macro is good too and it's just easy to use and give good pictures.

    I had a Olympus before that but I sold it because I kinda thought it sucked :wacko: it was one of those you can use under water, drop from 2 meters on to concrete and stuff like that so I got it cause I thought it was cool haha :wacky: but it was kinda slow and the pictures got really blurry when the light wasnt bright, it was big and heavy and clumsy.

    I think Nikon seem pretty good though cause I've tried my friend's big flashy camera and it takes great pictures:awesome: dont remember what model it is but I really liked her camera :wideeyed: haha I dont know if this helped at all :thinking: but if I could buy me a camera I'd go for Nikon :nice:

    What picture where you talking about? :uhoh: I wasnt sure where to find it.
    oooh mamma mia :heart: io mi emoziono stra tanto a sentire queste coseeee <3
    te l ho detto che anche una mia compagna di classe è incinta? :thinking: beh ecco oggi parlavamo di quando nascerà, il nome (anche se non sa ancora se è maschio o femmina) :heart:
    inizia a mandargli un bacione da parte miaa :wacky: :nice:
    :hug: No! you are too sweet!:kiss:
    I really want to give you something... so he will be born in April?:inquisitive: As soon as posible I'll need your address!:nice:

    Dear you sound like an excellent mother already!!:awesome: and I know you'll be great at anything you do.

    So you should ready it... though Caroline weber uses many parts from Antonia Fraser's book!!! I love fashion BTW!!!!:gorgeous: we should be fashion sisters!!!! :smug2:

    Well Raquel, my friend, will get married in March 20th! :nice: and I've helped her and many other friends with anything...actually after it I'll be the only single among my girl friends :dozey:
    Are you going to get married!!:surprised: I wish I could be there!!!!:awesome: an I hope it happens soon!!!

    :blush: you are the nice kind and loving one!!!:kiss: I'm happy we are friends now, trust me! :heart:

    Will the baby be named Elvis!!! and I'm glad you are both ok though I guess its normal you are more sore and you are so right: it's worth it....Try to relax and drink your vitams and maybe do some light exercises..as I told lots of friends of mine are already married and are now mothers...so I kinda know how it goes...:hug: I hope you are ok!!!!

    I already like it because you are doing and because you cared enough to know that I like Marie antoinette's story!:awesome:

    i LOVE YOU! :heart:
    :laugh3: They're really quite comfy, Isabella - they all have stoves, but in the morning it takes a little bit to warm em' up. They're tiny - usually 6 feet wide, maybe 8 or 10 feet long - so they're easy to heat, and they're insulated. Some have TV's, radio, computers, benches, tables, beds, and lights - a home away from home!:p
    :laugh3:Oh, it doesn't seem like ice in winter - the snow covers everything, and it's as solid as land - and two feet of solid ice - it's bedrock solid, believe me. Besides, Jesus walked an water, so you should too!:p
    Yes, the dogs go nuts! It's a lot of fun - plenty of room to play, plenty of snow to chomp on.;)
    Thanks Isabel - yes, you'll never know, if you never try! Without hope, there's really no point to anything - so I have hope too. Some give up - because that's the easy way out - an excuse to not try. But we doers have more fun!!
    Those that purposely do horrible things - the reasons could fill volumes! Some do so because they want attention, are frustrated with themselves, and then beat on others as a way to get attention, or draw others into their state of unhappiness. Some are sadistic, and others just feel that since they're messed up, they want company - by messing with the minds of others. Some don't want to do better, and feel comfortable in misery - strange but true! The lobster pail effect - they then try to pull everyone down to their level of unhappiness. My way of dealing with them is to keep changing the tune, and ignoring them unless they make some gestures of good will, or confronting them with their own gruffness. Tai Chi lessons, tiddly pom principles.;)
    YAY!! Your boyfriend's on the right track - it's where the problem's @.;);)
    I yam what I yam.:p I try - sometimes I'm as dull as a bowling ball, but sometimes I'm pretty smart - I guess it all depends! Thanks for the compliment.
    I think you are brave, kind, and intelligent for standing up and having a good disposition here too! Have a great day, Isabella!:)
    haha :wacky:
    sono contenta che state entrambi bene:hug:
    beh è normale avere paura ma sono sicura che andrà tutto bene! non sei anche emozionata?? :heart: nasce ad aprile quindi :thinking::p
    haha! I know, she's werid :thinking: Reilly told her I fancy her and I told her I really dont :disappointed: Everyone's spamming her profile now hahaha!

    Why do I get all the weirdos?! :stunned:

    Aw you're welcome :nice: I like your blog!
    It's a brand new blog so dont get discouraged, I mean just because there arent all these comments doesnt mean that people arent checking it out :kiss:
    Thanks! :blush: that's nice to hear
    I havent taken much phots lately though, I dont feel inspired at all. Dont know why either :disappointed:
    What kind of camera do you have now?
    I want one too :surprised: I have a small Lumix camera but I want my own big Nikon :heart: now I use my dad's Konica Minolta but it's no fun having to borrow it all the time.
    Money is always the problem </3 it's annoying sometimes when you want something really bad
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