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  • Hey dear!!!!!:hug:
    No problem....and you don't suck!!!!!:angry:
    A boy!!!!!:awesome: I want to give the baby something!!!:heart: because I love him already!!!!

    Well if you really want to be a flight attendant you can be one...nothing is impossible!!!:kiss: but I think that Helping kids with disabilities is so wonderful!!!! and it would be an amazing thing to do really!!! :cheesy: and as soon as you can you should see what does it take to help this kids....

    But History is so amazing....but I used to feel like that when I was at school...:uhoh:

    Well all of them are amazing!!!! and the one I'm reading now is very interesting because the writer explains Marie Antoinette misfortunes through her fashions choices....I'm loving it! But if you really want to ready them you should start with Antonia Fraser's one!:nice:

    Awwwwwwwww dear you are the dearest!!!!:hug::hug::hug:

    I'm ok, I'm really better!!!!! I spent the weekend at my Best friend's house and there was plenty of things to do, because she's getting married soon and I'm helping her with everything...I just love weddings!!!:wacko: So now I'm home and nobody told me anything mean anymore....thanks so much for caring and loving me!:kiss: :love: I love you very much too!!! you are so lovely!!!:heart:

    and you? how are you and the baby?:kiss::baby:

    :dance: Really???? ah you don't need to bother.....I:hug:

    well that's my fav, tough it's very hard....:

    and a real one...:[IMG]
    In the first one she seems so relaxed and yet glamurous....and in the second one she's just an inocent princess...:kiss:

    I truly hope you are ok love!:kiss:
    Hello Isabella Marmellata!:)
    Yes, dog's do that - our's used to too! It's like snowcones everywhere for doggies!:laugh3: So you did get some snow then! Great!!;)
    Yes, a hobo village - it is, and the people that populate it are funny too! I'll have to find a photo & send you one - it's quite a funny thing to see! Little wood & tin shacks, on wheels, with little stove-pipes sticking out the sides, and all these fishermen and fisherwomen letting down lines with bait. Dogs out there too.:)
    They don't freeze - they all have little stoves in the shacks - just the floor is the frozen lake surface - two feet of ice to auger through!
    Well, maybe it takes someone to have a neighborhood get-together going? Maybe you should do that!;)
    I'm doing well - lots of things on my mind though. I'm a bit of a dreamer, but I've always thought that we can fix the problems in our world - and it does happen, or we'd all be living pretty poorly if nobody believed we could and tried! So, I'm interested in an amendment to the constitution - to limit the money in politics. And I think there's a lot of support for it in the country, but the politicians might be the last to want it!
    Anyhow, keep warm in the winter wonderland of New Mexico, and keep smiling in the sunshine!:sunny::operator::hat:
    -from Chuck.
    LMVO! The end of the world is near,
    we're a sect an we're all going to commit suicide.
    Just like that. :heart:
    Someone made me read Pallavi's fanfic. :shame:

    Hahaha, awwww. :heart:
    :lol: You should show that to Kels. :wacky:
    :uhoh2: That is ewwwwww.
    Some people don't know where to stop ...
    I don't want to read about Chris Martin having sex with some fangirl ... come on. :sick:
    He's a real person and he's married ...
    Love you too. :kiss:
    Thankies ... I like the new username ... but what's wrong with cheesecake? :uhoh:
    Aww, they're are pretty gross. But I don't think the majority of the people herer didn't though about that when they saw your username. You know it's a common dessert aswell :kiss:
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