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  • Hey!!
    Did you see the GPASUYF video? They showed you twice in close up!!! :awesome:
    Finally found time to watch the videos properly... shame it's not complete but we can't complain I think. :)

    See you soon I hope, Anna xxx
    Hi Esther!!

    I'll be there when you arrive on Sat!
    Look out for me if you want?
    I'll be sitting on a green / blue blanket :)
    There are no really recent pics of me that I could find... here are two:

    (on the right)

    [IMG] (second from right)

    See you soon! Anna x
    Hi Esther ;)...was a pleasure to meet you today...and make a new friend from Holland ;P I still can't believe we were there tonight on that boat!...Hope you had a blast and enjoy the rest of your time in London...speak again soon :)

    My sister and I are staying at the Holiday Inn Express Victoria if you'd like to meet up. If you call in and ask at the desk they'll know where we are. My name is Chloe Madison and this is my first trip to London, but my sister Jamie has been there several times and knows how to get around. WE ARE SO EXCITED!
    Dan ga je met een andere bus, mijn bus vertrekt om 21.00 (Rotterdam). See you in Palmer's Lodge!

    Weet je al hoe je naar Londen gaat? Ik dacht gelezen te hebben dat je misschien met Eurolines zou gaan. If so, misschien zitten we in dezelfde bus!
    Hi greeneyes, I saw your message on the meetup thread and no one else has put their numbers up. Since I think you're traveling alone I thought you might like at least one contact number! My cell ia 011 630 880 9539. I'll be communicating by text once I'm in London and I'm staying with some other coldplayers so w'll be traveling as a herd probably. Looking forward to all the fun, ~ Kelly
    :hug::awesome: yes we could all meet and have a lovely time while we also have the opportunity of our lives on meeting the guys! He has already been to 2 concerts... and he says he's thrilled to be with me on the next tout.... :heart: then I guess this is totally possible! :D:dance:
    :lol: me stalked by Jonny!!!??? :wacky:

    Ik weet het!!:freak::freak:stunned: Jaaaa OMG dat zou zoo gaaf zijn! Vrienden met wie ik was gingen All The Right Moves op kazoo (zo'n ding http://bit.ly/csKoVl) spelen :p En dat vonden de 2 die het zagen helemaal geweldig :D Ik had er toen nog geen, maar nu wel, en we gaan het weer doen. Dan moeten ze ons wel herkennen :p

    Aah nice!! *jaloers*

    :awesome: It would be great!! I would love it!:dance: Me and my baby there...:heart: and you! :dance:
    I wish I could tell them that what I have with Stephan Kinda started cuz of their music...

    :awesome: who wouldn't like us? :lol:
    really? I guess we could totally meet! :nice:
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