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  • Ah yes, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see it in theaters. :heart: I'll not lie, I cried all throughout. :cry: :lol: I've always had the utmost respect for the band, yet somehow I always end up with even more for them. :) Can't wait to get it on DVD. :D
    Aww I'm sorry you missed them. :( I lucked out on being able to see them on their June 22nd show. It was beyond words amazing. :wacko: Next time they come through, I'm saving up to see them a FEW times!! :laugh3: And really? Man, I wished it was cooler here. Feels like freakin' August. :p
    Have you seen Coldplay's new Live film yet? :wacky:
    Yeah Silver Bells is good, I also love Coldplay's Christmas Lights & John Lennon's Happy Christmas. :santa: But yeah I know, I got on Coldplaying the other day and was like, "Holy Christmas forum aaaahhhh!!" :shocked2: :lol: I live around Dallas, TX and it's like 90 degrees here right now so I'm hardly able to get into the Christmas spirit just yet.
    Off this subject, did you have the honor of seeing Coldplay this tour? :D
    You only think you're fine? :( You need to know!! :laugh3: Haha but I'm doing great, thanks. :nice: Listening to a lot of great (not Christmas) music. :lol: Sorry, I probably sound terribly Grinch-like in saying that, don't I? :uneasy: :lol:
    I know, and I'm getting quite scared about it
    like me sending this huge birthday package to Sara more than a month ago
    I keep sending mails to her but she doesn't reply :uhoh:
    Some people are cruel and they like to see others get angry or hurt. I admit that even I like to take the piss out of people at times. But it doesn't mean that you're not wanted anywhere, you have to stand up for yourself and tell them they're acting like infants, or they're really hurting you, and I have no doubt they'll stop.
    Anyway, I've never seen this happen with my own eyes, I'm sorry if that's the case. You're always welcome to play with us, I invited you, or to post in the Lounge and I'll tell anyone who's bugging you to fuck off.
    I think Yellow is so simple yet amazing. I love the scientist, fix you, yellow, lovers in Japan, strawberry swing AND I think Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall is legendary!
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