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  • I just saw some of our old convos and it brought back many old memories of being on this website. You wont see this I suppose but I wish you all the best :)
    Thanks its hanging on my wall next to my Beady Eye poster that Liam signed and my Coldplay one as well. Framing is a good idea, I didn't want it sitting around in a drawer to get damaged and when you do it, it's like a piece of artwork or something you know. I still have to get my Beady Eye signed flag and setlist from Royal Albert Hall framed but that will have to be done later.. sooner the better.

    Yes your avatar that's what I meant, couldn't remember what it was called haha.
    Ahh that's who, couldn't figure it out. The scratch plate tricked me then, it looks tele'ish. Now i'm curious what it is.. Ill have to do some googling tomorrow to find out.
    Oh heres a new photo
    I had it custom framed.. I never thought I would meet Noel never mind get my photo signed so it had to be done
    ohhh for some reason I thought we were talking about Liam and Beady Eye that's why I said the albums not out. My mistake, your right!
    How do you know he's not, the next tour isn't for a while. The albums not even close to being out yet.
    Can't wait to see Kasabian! I've always wanted them to come to Canada. Definitely let me know ho the show is.
    Hello! Yes that's me and Liam with Nicole filming. Funny, I just thought of that day and then signed in here and saw this.

    Are you going to see Noel again? I'm seeing him in the US in March and im finally going to get to see Kasabian a few days before.
    haha, khad het zelf 2 keer moete opsture eer da van mij aankwam en dan niks van u hore
    kdacht echt da het kwijt was
    twas echt niks voor mij omda op te sture
    kzag uw post en kdach, waarom Noémie ni verrassen met iets :)
    Yes, lots. Met alot of Oasis/Gallagher fans

    I went really early and when I got there he had just gone inside for soundcheck. I waited with the others and then eventually he came outside. People crowded him but I just stood near his van. Next thing I know he walked right in front of me and looked at the photo I was holding, he smiled at it so I take it he liked the photo and then he signed it. I told him thanks and said we love your music so please come back to Toronto. He signed one more after me and then said "alright guys" and went in the van. Amazing 2 days
    It is I really like it. Love the solo :)
    In your dreams maybe! aha

    The show was amazing btw! Im still up because of it. I was fourth row and had a great time. I can't wait for tomorrow. I was very close to meeting Noel but I parked my car and was worried it was in a bad spot.. I verified it was ok to park their and headed toward the venue but when I got there he left 10min earlier... It's ok hopefully tomorrow I miht get lucky. I have some photos and some videos ill post them when I can this is a busy week for the first half at least.
    Did you ever end up hearing A Simple Game Of Genius?

    You met him :D! when was this when he was leaving the venue? Congrats! I really hope I get to see him. Im going to go really early.

    wow you were reeeaaallly close from the looks of your video, thats amazing!
    The singalong in your video sounds incredible even the guitarist was jumping around, he could feel the energy! I read that message from Noel too and I can see why your gig would have been the best.
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