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  • Oh, that would be SO much fun! I would love to come, but my hubby actually has this weekend off (he usually works at least on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays too since he works in retail). So, with the weekend off we will likely go out to a movie, yadda yadda. Otherwise I would be all over trying to figure out something to go to may-hee-ko! So are you going with some friends and/or other Coldplayers? Have you ever been to Mexico before? I bet you can't wait to get a glimpse of YOUR jacket... :awesome:
    I do,they're amazing!!! :heart:Yeah the contrast is brilliant! I wonder who took it :thinking:

    Yeah it does :(
    you have an iPhone though!? Thats great!! Do you like it?
    OO you're probably right :lol:;shy: :stunned: Have I already told you you're so luccky?If not..YOU'RE SO LUCKY :bomb:

    Yeah I agree!! I really love his sunburst guitar though:heart:
    :laugh3:hahahah I know what you mean,Jons made for the Fender!!

    Yeah I love the little flap of the jacket,its really fashionable!! Guy is very talented and off the wall :laugh3::heart: Apparatjiks great and different! (*quotes Guy* We like strange:lol:)
    :wink3:of course his looks had nothing to do with the decision

    :lol:a Warning Sign?aaaw thats not true :p :lol:.
    :laugh3::laugh3:haha you're pretty funny:cheesy:
    "This is the crazy Amanda who is lucky enough to have won some items":lol:

    :laugh3: I've never heard of her before but she sounds a lot like..me :shame:

    That quote is so so true!! They have visited...:uhoh: I'm sure they've been on the Guy thread :sneaky: Moods of Norway..its a message from Guy :wacko: Maybe he's in Norway with Magne (His lover :mad:)
    :wink3:It sure didn't take long!

    :laugh3:its okay!!
    :lol: Nice to chat with you again too Amanda!:awesome:

    Warning : I use a lot of smilies by the way :lol:

    :stunned::lol:eek:h wow!!! but don't worry, we all look like genuine grade A stalkers all the time!!! I mean I can't even believe that some of them lurk here :uhoh: It gives an air of mystery doesn't it ?:laugh3: like they all know whats going on :uhoh:

    ohhh I feel the same way!! Every time I ask the Oracle a question I word it carefully as not to sounds too smart-ass-ish and not too dumb :freak:but she is a humorous person at least thats what I think :lol:

    :laugh3::laugh3: who is this 'Mrs. A.Feather Hyde???'

    :eek:::stunned: you got Jons guitar AND GUYS JACKET?!??????:wacky: I'm so jealous right now!!! That must have cost a fortune:laugh3: and who knows maybe you'll be famous on Coldplay.com like Carrie if you know what I mean :sneaky:

    :Lol:what is your name by the way? Mine is Amy:blush:
    Hi!!:D hehe no problem if you really want to know...the oracle is....*suspense music* Debs Wild!! (at least thats what I read!!:lol:)

    :wacky: you won items from the auction!?!?

    :wink3:heheh I know what you mean!! :laugh3:
    Aaaww - no lickie of the jacket? :disappointed:
    But you are going to request that they don't dry clean it before shipping - right? :sneaky:

    Yeah our winters suck. We don't even get snow in our backyard in Ulverstone - unlike all your awesome pics.
    Ha ha, you know me too well :sneaky:
    YAY snow!
    Why the hell is he at home?!?! :inquisitive:
    That's just rude encroaching on your computer time! :angry:
    Come to Tassie - and bring the jacket of course :sneaky:
    So I can see/wear/lick it before Lauren :sneaky:
    Oh hey Lauren *waves* :kiss:
    Oh yeah, and I will take some pictures of TX and VA for you in the next couple of days. I'm visiting my sister soon, and she wants to see it, so it's in the case right now (getting it out of the case is easy, but putting it back in the case is a royal pain). I'll add that to the list with Belgium. :D Lit or unlit?
    Aww, no I don't mind if you saved a copy to your computer. Actually, if you want, you can PM me your e-mail and I can send you the full size one (it was scaled down a little for the message board), I already sent it to a-chan. Really, I don't mind what you do with it, you can do whatever you want! :awesome: If anyone cares, it would be them, and something tells me they won't mind.
    Ha ha ha, now you can get your fix whenever you go to the 'bathroom' ;)
    Can't wait to see your review - and let me know when you're ready for the 3rd :sneaky:
    Might go work on the 4th now :awesome:
    Oh hun noooo! :hug:
    I felt shamefull for still picking on the poor 'Guy'!
    The shame was for me! :shame:
    Still, I don't get why they didn't politely ask him to sign the rest when he was awake?! :inquisitive:
    Odd :inquisitive:
    Oz can't get on either, but I had no problems.
    Hope to catch you in a couple of hours (or 4! :thinking:) then :)
    Haha yah I guess being a parent helps you understand their concern... although I am legally an adult now, they're having a hard time getting used to me starting to not want to do what they tell me too. Well honestly I usually don't want to do what they tell me, but at this point I can actually not do it. But they still don't accept that. I just had an argument with my dad, because it's 12:14 a.m. and he thinks that's late (it's not. Really) and was telling me to go to bed and I was saying stop, and no. And he was getting mad, and told me to go to bed right away :)lol: yah right). Who is he kidding? I go to bed at TWO THIRTY every morning. Midnight is nothing! And besides, Federer is on, and I want to watch him play some.
    Well I think it's good that you're not telling many people.
    HAHA NOOOO! I want to be first! :bigcry: Austinite > Tasmanian :p
    (She's gonna have at me when she sees that :p)
    But at least she CAN see it if she gets the chance.
    I mean, really the only way I can think of me being able to see it is if my friend and I say we're going to go out and do something (without parents of course), and then you would meet us there. It would be my friend who knows about my Coldplay obsession, and Guy Berryman, but she doesn't know about me talking to other Coldplay people online. I've never told ANYONE about that, and she's my best friend. I think she would be ok with it, especially since she would love to see it too, but I would have to of course explain how I knew you, and I don't know, I guess I would just feel like a freakkkkk telling her that I go to a site like this. :\
    I guess we shall see when the time draws near....
    Thank you! :D
    And no problem!
    Cool! Aw, I wish I could meet you! But I'm pretty sure I can't. My parents wouldn't be ok with me meeting someone from the internet, even though you're not some weirdo! And I can't drive (I'm 18! God I'm so lame :lol:) but yah, so I wouldn't have a way to get there by myself. If I did I might be able to go without the parents knowing. :\ Oh my god, this is so disappointing! :bigcry:
    Especially since I know what you're talking about....:bigcry::bigcry:
    But dear me, I won't rule it out yet! I must find a way!
    I had ordered a few other items, and some first issue envelope thingy came with it, I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to. I'll have to look through my items to see what all is there, at the time the only thing I really cared about were the AROBTTH stamps. :awesome:
    YES! it was amazing! i only wish he could have played my (his former) guitar for this final performance before sending it off to me... he looked like he was really missing his Gibson SJ200, hacking away at that Guild :)
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