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  • Haha, hi Afeather. Call me Lauren. :D
    That would not be a problem at all!
    Infact, let me get started...


    Any time you need a refill, let me know :sneaky:
    Hahaha :laugh3: No, they actually asked to go. But, you know me so well ;)
    Yeah, maybe you should email my doctor!

    Edit: If I'm on here then I'm on FB too :)
    Yes, I'm guessing they will ship it soon if they haven't already. I know they said they are shipping via DHL, but I don't know if that is next-day, 2-day, 5-day, whatever, delivery. Whatever it is, I hope it is something that requires a signature; I don't want the package to just be left on my front porch!
    I haven't received my stamps yet either, I'm guessing those will arrive sometime next week too.
    It's so exciting seeing those pictures from lo&loud! It's one thing to see the pictures of everything in the catalog with the boys, but to see them in a different environment, in someone else's hands, just makes it more "real". Part of me is still in disbelief... I can't wait for the globe to be "real"!
    Ha ha - 5am here now! I'll probably just have a nanna nap later in the afternoon - that's what us old fogies do! ;)
    I love your novels - keep em coming :D
    *goes off to reply to your last message*
    He he, umm ........... 3.45am :dozey:
    I fell asleep with Malachi when I put him to bed.
    Woke up about 2am - can't sleep now!
    Ha ha, glad you likie! :laugh3: Drop by anytime :nice:
    Yes Lauren (I'mLovingGuyBerryman) is an absolute legend! :hug:

    Hmmm, it sounds like actually paying for the items is a real headache for most people?! :inquisitive:
    Part Two in a PM :)
    Amanda, have you see the "Live In Austion" performance with your guitar? You can buy that on iTunes but also shows up on cable in HD from time to time...

    Hey Amanda,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply, but it wasn't because I hated you! :rolleyes:
    Been a hectic few days, anyway I've replied in a PM :)
    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the kind words and welcome; I really appreciate it and share your sentiments about the auction, and especially the members of Coldplay.

    By the way, I think I spotted your "Till Kingdom Comes" Gibson in the 2005 Glastonbury concert footage:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXXcHJBSBqA"]YouTube- Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Glastonbury 2005[/ame]

    'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' is one of my favorite tracks...

    A nice clear shot of it at 3:15...

    I'm pretty sure Jonny's got the "Viva" guitar in the same performance (before being painted)...

    That is an awesome piece that you won! A friend of mine who went for some of the painted Gibsons used by Chris Martin (unfortunately didn't come away with any wins) who was on the phone with me during the last day of auctions lamented to me after the auction that he probably should have gone for your Lot 31 in retrospect. It really is a spectacular piece, so I'm happy to know that you are so pleased to have won it.

    Also, it's such a small world - I just found out this morning member "lo&loud" is a collector that I've known for years. Oz, you need to be more consistent in your online usernames... ;)

    Congratulations with your amazing items too! :)

    I wish they had announced this whole sale a month earlier, so we could be more prepared. I tried the best I could all in the last minute. Normally auction catalogs are posted atleast a month earlier- not just before the sale.

    I'm kicking myself for not being able to get more VIVA era items. Who knows - maybe someday?

    Happy New Year!
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