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  • From Orlando! Nonstop to London! Leaving Sept. 16 at 5:30 pm. Are you going? You should fly from Orlando. There are three of us that I know of so far flying together.
    Really!? From which city?

    British Airways is a great airline, good service, food, and entertainment. :)

    Oh, and I find that out by looking at Roadie #42's post on twitter of the plane, it left Vancouver at that time and were arriving in London at 10am on June 23.
    I did the same exact thing, I joined U2.com and I got the third presale crack (Boots). It was cool and very nice in their part for allowing us to buy them in advance and without having the risk of being left out without tickets. :lol:

    Yeah, we have to do some heavy research in Tampa/St. Pete's hotels. I was surprised that CP stayed at the Delano in Miami Beach when they were in West Palm Beach on May 15. So we really have to know it well for U2's hotel :sneaky:
    Wow, what at amazing ticket! :O Did you buy it scalp?

    I am gonna be fighting the GA queue at Ray Jay, and yes! I hope you have a great time overthere by yourself (It's way better to be alone sometimes) let's infer where U2 is going to stay at so we can get some autographs. :D
    That's true, they always play the same thing over and over again. Not to be rude or anything, but they should vary a little bit the setlist, as well as be prepared to play anything that they are asked. Good night! :kiss:
    OH YEAH! I am so excited to see them so close!

    So cool that you had the chance to see them in Orlando in those seats! It's like a record, and that scalping price was good! In other shows I saw that even the 10th row up front was about $900 each.

    I am gonna be making a huge sign which will say: "PLEASE PLAY MOSES!" Moses is one of the my favorite songs that I'd love to hear live. Let's see if Chris is gonna be able to see it and arrange the band to play it. I hope they can, because it's the first show, and on every gig they already have the setlist planned as well as the light effects, sound effects, and background all set up.... I hope it doesn't interfere with the first gig at least. :bigcry:
    Awwww, how nice!! :D

    It's awesome that you got such good seats! You are gonna be so close to the stage like me! I am in the GA Pit which only holds 200 people! :lol:

    I hope to wave to you from the pit then! :nice:
    That sounds good! ;)

    See you there too! And HELL YEAH, that this is gonna be a superb summer! :D

    In what section are you at the WPB show?
    no problem.
    did you have a screenname on the way old coldplay.com forums? because i could have sworn i recognized your screenname.
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