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  • Hey Allegra!
    The tour ending made me nostaligic for my shows and I thought about Dallas and you and your cowboy hat! Hope you've been well!

    I just checked out your profile- we've got more in common than just Coldplay! I was a teacher before taking a break to stay home with my two little ones, who are 4 and 2. :)
    I also love U2! Are you going to the show in October? I am and can't wait! Really excited to see Muse open, as well! It should be awesome!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
    hi. :D
    i actually am indeed on twitter. my account name is ILGB which is my username here for short.
    and yah i love Guy's tweets! i wish he would keep doing it but he seems to have stopped!
    Hi Allegra!:) thanks for adding me.
    I wanna give you a invite to my group.If you like there you can join it.:)

    And have you attended any Coldplay show??:)I wanna know your experience.
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