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  • Hey I won't have internet probably starting tomorrow. :(
    You know how I told you we bought a new house, well we're finally moving in and it'll probably be days hopefully not weeks until we set up internet at my new house.
    I'm just letting you know just in case you write to me and I don't respond back quickly.
    I'll probably still try to get to a computer with internet somehow though! :p
    I can't survive without it for long. :lol:
    :lol: yes!
    :laugh3: I know you’re so punny!!:wacko::lol:

    Me too!!!:dance:
    :wideeyed: wow that’d be so cool! I’ve been past the place where the puppets got their picture taken in the Georgian park!:wacky:
    Did you pack yet??

    Really?? I have turned in ¼ projects that are due!! :awesome:
    1 was actually a lab report so it was easy :rolleyes:

    I’m good and excited for tomorrow!!
    And for Friday :wink3: hehe :heart:
    heheh!! aaw yes!:heart:

    :laugh3: thats so us!! us -"where is big ben?" u
    citizen-'mm right over there'*points up*
    us -'oh thanks for your help! I would've never found it!':rolleyes:
    :lol: yeah I guess not!

    YEEEEESSS!!!!! ooo thats right a week until our birthdays!:wink3:
    chiacgo I love it there but its a little too windy :lol:

    mine too..thats my everyweekend :lol:
    how are you this week??
    Awww!! Wow you make me want to go to mehico now!!:lol:
    ooo I want to try REAL Mexican food and yeah same here :heart:

    :laugh3:yeah!!! but we would anyway :awesome:

    yes yes yes the same!!! almost summer less than a month now and my sister bought the roadie book for my birthday I'm so excited!!!

    :lol: its fine and I hope you have a good weekend! :hug:
    Mexico?? How awesome!! I hear its so beautiful there so at least you get to go somewhere!!
    yes!! maybe we should next year or so!!:heart:
    :lol: knowing us we would get Lost!
    me too! I just .... hate not waiting for the last moment :p
    It was good! Im just glad its almost the weekendddddd!!!!! yours?:hug:
    Awwwww I hope you go so badly!! Maybe you can go this summer!! You never know :awesome:
    :dance:yes yaaaaaay!!!
    :hug: how was your day??
    :lol: I know right! :p
    I'm looking for the summer for the London trip
    but im not too sure yet..:(
    How awesome!!!! :dance: and I got a 100 on my speech :dance: I hate speeches lol
    I hope you are too:hug:
    me too:lol:

    :lol::blush:aaw you're so awesome!! I would do the same :smug:
    :laugh3:sounds harsh!
    me too!!!!I recently did a 10 page essay :dozey::( I hope you did well with that!
    He is!!

    I love love love turkey sandwiches!!!!
    :lol: I will get it for you!! :awesome:
    For me? Anything that looks good :mellow:
    :laugh3: you’d have to phone me and tell me to run there!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well my brain is fried!!! How about you?:kiss:
    Me too because I think of Chrissy the chocoholic!!:lol:

    Ravel’s Bistro has got be great cause its next to CP :bomb:
    :laugh3: what kind of sandwich would you like??

    Yes!!!!!!!!! :lol: getting lost in London is still good!!
    :lol: I know right!!!! :laugh3: you and barnes and noble :wacko:

    :lol: speaking of nerds! and ugh I know...... I'm sorry but I hope you can still go!!!:hug:
    I might be going to Europe this summer though!!!!

    :lol: yes :D

    :lol:I will as soon as I'm energetic enough to get of my ass:awesome:
    procrastination is the best thing :wacko:
    :stunned: take me with youuuu!!!!

    :lol: Oh well I'm a nerd now but later I will be someones boss :rolleyes:
    yay nerds :laugh3:
    yes!!! it is rare and its even going on Ebay for like $50! :lol:
    so am I!! I just didn't start it yet:laugh3:

    go to London!!! do it!!!!!:dance::dance:
    ahh well I probably won't do it considering I'm in IB its not good to miss school, I SOUND LIKE A NERD:dead:

    I have to soon!! Its not even that close to my house :lazeh: and its so rare that you found it!
    :dead:that suuuuucks!

    not really lucky :laugh3:
    :dance:: I neeeeeed to do that, school is a pain in the ass!!
    no I haven't looked yet :bigcry:
    Did you take a Government test?:thinking:

    Yeah I've been done since January!!:lol:
    you ditched?aahahah!!! I should just ditch one day like that too! What did you do?:p
    :wideeyed: thanks for telling me by the way!
    aaw moi aussi, et beaucoup examens!!!:(
    Thats good! I already took my midterms and I did.. okay :p

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