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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Have you heard the short snippet published (and removed) by someone on twitter? Don't know what to think... World/Afrikaans vibe...
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    Los Unidades

    it's so bad that (luckily) they've decided to change the band's name
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    A L I E N S

    yes, it's exactly like that: Mobile Link:
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    [2016-06-04] Etihad Arena, Manchester, UK

    great concert! just a question: did the xylobands emitted some sound at the end of the concert??? I didn't hear anything at all...
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    Setlist predictions

    Up&Up is clearly a setlist closer. My biggest fear is that they will do some kind of Halftime-style mashup closer of Fix You and Up&Up. I love Up&Up but I don't want to lose the usual Coldplay-concert goosebumps on Fix You. Let's hope the will close the normal setlist with FY and the encore...
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    [2016-02-07] Coldplay headlining Super Bowl 2016 - Confirmed

    well, at least they will be 7 minutes for real
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    I don't know if it's already been posted, but probably the actual physical cover art of AHFOD has exclusively the flower of life: (from
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    AHFOD - YOUR reviews

    For me, the songs that have a "replay factor" are: - A Head Full of Dreams - Hymn for the Weekend - Adventure of a Lifetime - Amazing Day - Up&Up They're so good. The others are just fillers, pretty good damn fillers, but they don't have the potential to be a single. And yes, HFTW rocks. My...
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    imho the best songs are: AHFOD: massive opener. too bad Johnny's guitar is 'buried' AOAL: this is so happy. groovy, funky, dancey. so, so good for happy moments of life. easily one of the best of the album, and one of the (new)play's best. Amazing Day: a powerful coldplay ballad, nothing like...
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    Hymn for the Weekend

    I had very low expectations, maybe that's why now I find it quite interesting. The preview snippet it's clearly the worst part of the song. The beginning has a lot of 'Homecoming' feeling, without Kanye. It's like Princess of China: without Rhianna, it would be a great song. This, without...
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    Amazing Day

    the studio version is sooo good. easily one of the best on the album. a powerful coldplay ballad, nothing like everglow.
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    A Head Full Of Dreams (Title track)

    it'a little messed up :cry: i mean....everything's good, but Johnny's guitar is pretty much "buried", especially on the last 'a head full, a head full of dreams' before the bridge. on the live version is very prominent and it goes so well with Chris' voice