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  • Hi Anna,

    Happy birthday - I remember your birthday because it is also my brother's birthday on 7 August. I hope that you will have a wonderful day. I send you my best birthday wishes. :)
    I am fine and had a wonderful Christmas gathering with my family on 26.12.
    And tonight from 21:30 to 22: SVT2 broadcasts something called: Hittenes historie. Coldplay: Viva la Vida loca (1)
    Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for singing Christmas Lights with Ioshi / Sparkle. It was really beautiful. I now have Christmas Lights on my mind as sung by YOU and Ioshi. It was so beautiful (just as good as the original). I have just watched the video twice - and my favourite part is the duet between you and Ioshi.
    YOU MAAAADEE IIIITTTTT!!! ITS KREYZEEEH!!! WE MADE A GOOD DUET!!! You have to send me the entire song with you in it missy, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Sorry for talking sh*t haha.
    NOOOO =(((( That's too bad, but at least you get to spend more time with your family right? Anyway, Merry Christmas my dear! Its 4am here and everyone's asleep but about to wake up to go to church. Enjoy your, ehrm, is that dinner?
    :shocked2: WUT. You're kidding. I sincerely apologise because its the least I can do in a very small amount of time! I even forgot to put out my own greeting!
    Okay yeah I sent Joana the complete version but I forwarded it to you as well. Can you check if you have received it? I will also send you the parts version so if there's still time you can add yours. :wink:
    I need your email address missy so I can send =) But Joana actually needs the song now, she says she needs everything with her at around 8:30pm London time so she'll have time to consolidate, so how are we going to do this?
    Hey Anna! I'm having a little trouble with my internet here but I'm recording the song already. I used an instrumental/karaoke available on youtube and it sounded complete so I'm not sure if we can still put harmonies in that. But I'll record two versions, one where I sing the whole song and then you put harmony on it and second we split it by parts. What do you think? :)
    Hi there,

    Just a reminder to all Secret Santa's that if you haven't sent your card yet, could you please do so as soon as possible? It's that time of year where the post slows down.

    If your card isn't on the way yet, please try to send it via Airmail as soon as possible. Please let your elf know as soon as it has been posted.

    If you have any problems, get in touch. Don't leave your match without a card!


    Hey Anna, no I live in Surrey, but that's not too far away. I'm going to drive to the nearest Tube station and go from there. I know Mich says you are all getting there really early, any idea how early? I can't leave work until 2pm.. so hope to arrive somewhere around 4. Hope that won't be very late!

    I know you have had a really interesting CP time lately? What with Norwich and the radio show! I'm very lucky I was able to take advantage of your missing elephant girl. I'm sure she will be sad to miss it, but I appreciate Mich's generosity in giving me the heads up for the ticket.

    Now, all we need to do is wait two weeks! :)

    Row x
    Hi Anna,

    Nice to meet you :) Yes you will, and I can't WAIT. :)

    thanks I thought I ought to have a Jonny/Chris Avi in anticipation. :)

    Hey Anna :) We had a busy weekend! A surprise 30th birthday party for my lil sis on Saturday, and Sam was invited to a cousin's birthday party yesterday.

    Not sure when we can get to London as I work every weekend, but I'm sure we'll be able to arrange something sometime :kiss:
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