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  • This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:
    I still think we got jipped. It's because he's friends with the band. But most people think he's a bit of a dick.
    Stroke of luck. we were 2 seats away from the stage on my left. Had no idea until we got to the seats and I saw it that I just kind of gasped. My friends (who I've converted into fans) were extremely impressed :)
    I've been a fan since The Scientist came out here, so late 2002/early 2003. Seen them twice live: Twisted Logic Tour in 2006 and of course the VLV tour. I've been aware of them since Yellow, but I didn't pay attention until The Scientist. If that makes any sense, lol!
    Oh...well Death Will Never Conquer is good but certainly not the highlight of the concert! It could have been worse :p Special guest? There haven't been any special guests at any of my concerts :(

    Nice on the c stage part! I bet that was awesome. I accidentally picked the wrong place to sit at my last concert, but when they started jogging over there me and a bunch of other people sprinted up there and I got really close!

    How long have you been a fan?
    Yes, the weather here for the past few days has been awful. Torrential and unexpected rain. Ridiculous. BRING SUMMER BACK!

    Hopefully, sem2 will be better, though I'm a little worried about the chem course that I'm taking. It's apprantly not hard if you if you work at it, but still... :(
    The only reason I get stressed over marks is because if my average isn't 70+ they can drop me down to science/arts instead of adv sci/arts and makes me doing Honours harder. So I'm constantly panicking about grades, lol!

    It really is the party season! My sister is really looking forward to it because she hasn't had a party in a few years so I'm hoping she'll have a good time. We spent all of today looking for a dress for her and shoes. Plus organising a cake too. That was very nice indeed :p
    Good to hear from ya. I have 3 assignments due next week, which is my last for the semester... but they're not too much work. Pretty manageable. Sorry to hear you're being dicked over... Its not really the case for me, I have had some horrible subjects this semester with lots of maths, so I havent enjoyed them. Which leads me to put in less effort. I am looking forward to sem2 because I know I will enjoy them a lot more. I have to push myself in exams, so I can get like 60's or 70's out of 100.

    lol hope you enjoy your sister's bday - I have a 21st coming up this fri too. Tis the season!! A quiet weekend for me at the moment. You still getting wet in NSW?
    Yeah, Melb Uni is really awesome! Thats the thing, trying to work out what to do with the degree.. hope it all goes well!! Im in 2nd week at the mo, and its so hard to get back into it all.... Im lazy...
    Awesome. I have a few friends doing Media Communications in Arts. I'm at Melb Uni myself, and do commerce degree. Not as exciting as yours!
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