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  • Yeah,Fix You is definitely the best song on the album.;)
    Then VLV gives me chill 'cos the crowd went really wild,don't you think?
    Listening to this album brings back memories of the time I saw them live in concert.:cry:
    :) Hi, yeah I think the same, nice to meet you. Green Day is kinda my mother band, when I first saw a video of them I started to like music and then came Coldplay (who turned out to beat them haha). I got all their albums.
    Hi April!
    Nice to hear from you again so soon.

    So are you obsessed with Coldplay now?

    I'm from Malaysia,as you can see from my profile.
    Am a Chinese..

    By the way,have you downloaded the LRLRL live album from their website?
    Thanks for accepting the friend request!:nice:
    Guess I'm your very first friend here!Hehe.
    Those songs that you mentioned,I love them too.
    I love all Coldplay songs,but Fix You is particularly my most favourite.

    I'm glad you found this forum.
    I'm quite addicted to it...haha.

    I'm just wondering are there many fans of Coldplay in Vietnam?
    Hi April!Nice to meet you.
    I see you're quite new to Coldplay.
    VLV is a great song,I'm glad it made you became a Coldplay fan:D
    You've got to listen to all their albums.They're awesome!

    Yeah,I'm a big fan.:D
    Been a fan since I first heard Yellow when I was 14.;)

    I hope you have fun on the forum:wink3:
    Hi what's your name?
    My name's Felicia.
    Yep,I like Green Day;)
    But Coldplay is my favourite band of all time.:D
    So tell me your Coldplay story:wink3:
    Hi there!I saw you on the Green Day thread.
    I see you're from Vietnam,right?
    It's nice to see someone from there :nice:
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