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  • Hello anita,

    thank you for your lovely Secret Santa package! I came home from the USA on Sunday, but I had so much to do (after a month away) that I could not post the pictures earlier. It is all perfect - the chocolate and the picture book and the nice card. And of course more confetti is always good ;). I hope we can meet at some concert as the Netherlands are not far away. Where do you live?
    Have a great Christmas!
    Hi Anita!!!

    I received your card a couple of days ago, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! so much thought was put into in, and it couldnt have made me more happier. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I'm carrying that little booklet with me everywhere I go :D

    Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful new year.

    Talk soon,
    haha super nice dat je ook al tickets hebt voor Coldplay @ pathe Tilburg.
    Wat is de wereld toch klein dat we elkaar via zo'n site tegen komen :p
    Waar zitten jullie ergens?
    wij rij 6, stoel 7, 8
    Ben super benieuwd hoe de sfeer in de zaal zal zijn.
    Maar vertel, als wat voor fan wil je jezelf omschrijven?
    Hoevaak ben je al naar concerten geweest van de britse wereldband?
    Hi Anita, :)
    my name is Katja and I´m also 44 years old!
    I´m a Coldplayfan since 2005 and still love them!
    My day has just begun :)
    Kids from school, having lunch.
    Looking for T-shirts at this forum.
    How is your day?
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