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  • Hey~!

    Yup, same here...will be there around 1 as well. I'll def. try to get there earlier tho.

    So excited~!! See you all there~!!!
    Hey guys! I just got off work but I'll probably be there around 1am as well. Would love to meet up with you guys - can text me anytime at 310 4985598
    Woah this screen is tiny on my iPod. I plan on camping out. On the bus to NYC right now and my friend and I can be there around 12 or 1am... And I would absolutely love to join the camp out group so let me know how I can help!
    I read your post on the today show thread. I would love to join your camping group if possible. I will be coming from Rhode Island on thursday evening. I have never camped out before and I think it would be an amazing experience!

    You can reach me at 318-344-1527 anytime via text
    Thanks !
    Hey there. So I'm def. thinking about camping out 2night as well. Great thinking on coordinating all of us crazy Coldplayers. =P

    What are the details so far? How EARLY do you think I should be there? I've never done this before...what do you think I should def. bring with me? Oh, and in regards to the mini-ipod speaker system; I do have a small iHome unit, but I'm pretty sure I need an outlet for it...

    Just txt or call me at (347)626-9200, it's probably the best way to reach me. Or you can email or just use this thread. Thanks~! Hope to hear from you soon~!
    I think even if you don't camp out, it's worth hearing coldplay in the venue, esp w/ viva la vida, and the new songs - just go, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity - you'll never forget it.

    Ok so I know I'm totally late on the Today show concert this Friday but I was reading the thread about it, since I heard about it today and would absolutely love to go. You went last time right? The only thing is I don't think I'll be able to camp out. MAYBE the earliest I can get there is like 3am? I'm about 4 hours away. I've been hearing about how it's just not worth it going if you won't be there till 5 or 6 because it gets so packed? How busy was it last time do you think? Do you think it's still worth driving there if I'll get there around 3? This would be so amazing it's just such last minute unfortunately :(.

    Thanks so much for your response!
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