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    Criticisms with the album?

    ink, never understand why its on the album
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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    Secret Santa 2014

    after a busy day at work I got home to find my secret santa package had arrived! Sadly no name on the package or card inside so cannot say who it was from to thank them, but hopefully they will know its them if they read this. So thank you so much for my 'card full of stars' which turned into...
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    Most played Ghost Stories songs!

    anothers arms a sky full of stars magic midnight always in my head the others may as well not be there as I barely listen to them! (I don't have those extra songs, only the original album ok?)
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    Another's Arms

    love this, wasn't so keen on the album when I first listened to it, this was the only song I instantly liked. Its the woman's voice and chris lower register, it got me straight away, one of those songs that gets you, well it got me anyway!!!
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    How much of Ghost Stories is about Gwyneth?

    the entire album is about gwyneth
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    Criticisms with the album?

    only listened to the album once, and from that first listen I am underwhelmed. Disappointed, maybe my expectations were to high, very few songs on it stand out for me. Before any of you start, this is my opinion on listening to it once, so don't have a go, everyones entitled to an opinion...
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    What's the background in your town?

    its a shithole town, but at least its got lots of trees to hide the ugly buildings
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    Would Coldplay still stay together as a band if one member quit?

    band will be over, the end.
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    The Show-Coldplay-How-Much-We-Love-X&Y project

    Joanna Cheshire, England Going though a bad time in my life I watched your Glastonbury performance of which was around the time that X & Y was released, though I knew of your music, it was that performance and the song 'speed of sound' that made me a fan. I needed hope and something to help me...
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    Is it me or is Coldplay becoming more and more like the Chris Martin band?

    I think a few years back it were the Chris Martin band, but over the last couple of albums, Jonny, Guy and Will are getting more involved and we are getting our moneys worth.
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    Chris Martin on Zane Lowe (28-04-2014) - 8pm on BBCR1

    I am afraid I fell asleep about 20 minutes into listening! I didn't know if it were boredom or tiredness at the time, I do now, it was tiredness. Sorry Chris!
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    Favourite Song from the band above !

    never heard of them! Train
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    The song Game!

    daydream believer - the monkeys
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    10 [random] songs on your iTunes - The Randomizer!

    1. take back the night - Justin timberlake 2. summertime - dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince 3. single ladies - beyonce 4. weather with you - crowded house 5. gold digger - kanye west and Jamie fox 6. back to black - amy winehouse 7. 42 - coldplay 8. graffiti on the train - stereophonics...