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  • Hi AMY. How are you? Busy, I guess. Still, I am missing you so much here - so many of you have left. Hope to hear from you soon. A HUG (read: megabig hug) to you. :hug:
    Hi Amy,
    6 days before your birthday. I remember that date (27.5.) because my maternal grandfather died on Friday 27 May 1977 - the first death of someone close to me.
    Now it has finally become summer here with temps up to 25 degrees Celsius today. Yesterday it was a bit colder - and before that temps were only up to 15 degrees Celsius, but now a period of my stable warm weather has started. Jubii. :thumbsup:
    Hi Amy :hug:
    Yes, I had a good and quiet Easter spent with some friends. I do not know what my brother and his family were up to.
    The good movie I referred to is called Hvidstensgruppen (Group Hvidsten) after the village where it all took place. The organizer was the owner of Hvidsten Inn on Jutland (the western part of Denmark). Jutland is connected to Germany as it is a peninsula.
    What about your Easter? Did you spend it with your family?
    I used to spend Easter with my parents when they were alive, but since they are gone and since I am not close with my brother, then it is like that. But I had a good Easter anyhow. I have watched a lot of TV (Barnaby / Sherlock Holmes, 3 x Harry Potter) and today a Behind the movie about the Hvidsten Group and interviews with the actors and with some relatives of members off the Hvidsten Group. Very interesting.
    Hi Amy :hug:
    I hope that you have had a HAPPY EASTER so far and that the rest of Easter 2012 will also be a HAPPY one for you.
    Today I saw a movie with a friend - a movie about a Danish resistance group during World War II. The group was involved in sabotage against the Germans. The male members of the group were all shot on 29.6.44 (less than a year before the end of World War II in Europe). A very good film based on real events.
    Hi AMY, BIG :hug:
    I am fine, but I have been missing you - and not only last Thursday. I had a very good day with good gifts, afternoon tea with my neighbours and I invited 2 people to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    Thank you for your (belated) greetings. Much appreciated. :kiss:
    Hi AMY,
    How are you?
    You missed my big day on 9.2, LOL.
    I am listening to Whitney Houston hits on VH1, Denmark - I am sad that she is dead. R.I.P., Whitney.
    I also saw the rebroadcast of Coldplay in Oslo and an interview just before that.
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