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  • You are going to uni in the UK? That's great - and happy that you are not going alone. Where in the UK? London / Cambridge / Oxford or elsewhere?
    The show is really a dinner in the circus building in Copenhagen. You have your dinner - and while eating there is performances (songs and sketches - you might be asked to join them on stage - I hope that I am not asked, LOL)
    Berryman Cherry :hug:
    How are you? Did you have a good week? I did. And this week-end will be very nice - going to see a show tomorrow with my brother and his family and on Sunday visit from a friend. What about you?
    Hi AMY,
    Now I am watching Glastonbury 2011 (Danish DR1 shows some of the gig - so far I have seen Crazy in love by Beyoncé - Coldplay and U2 should also be shown a little later. It was very pretty fireworks - mainly between midnight and 0:55.
    Hi AMY. I wish you a good and happy New Year's Eve. Are you going to a party? I had something nice to eat with my neighbour, and we had some quiz questions. In a little while I will see a short movie called "the 90th birthday" (unsure of the correct title) - and then it will be New Year here (in less than 40 minutes). After Midnight my neighbour and I will go upstairs to watch all the fireworks (it goes crazy around midnight and then for 1 hour). HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Same, trying to new things and such. This was the worst holiday break i didnt do anything, but atleast I wasnt doing so much school work. :sick:
    What did ya get for christmas? :wacko:
    Indeed. When receiving the card, I first wondered if this was from my secret santa. I do not know who my Secret Santa is.
    But receiving that card (with contents) from you really made my day - it is so lovely / so beautiful as are you.
    To correct a missunderstanding: I got a ticket for another show taking place on 7 January 2012 - NOT the ticket for the Coldplay gig on 28 August. I have bought the ticket for Coldplay myself.
    I have been to coffee and liquour in another apartment where I live. Then reading meters (measuring the consumption of electricity in 2011) and then talking on the phone with a friend. So a nice afternoon.
    Amy / Deshani / Coldplay's / Guy's / my Sri Lankan friend in Florida,
    Thanks so much for what you have sent me - I love it all. I am thrilled, I am delighted, I feel like dancing and singing and jumping with joy at what you sent me. Lovely flower that I will forever associate with you hereafter / the beautiful view over the sea and sunset in Florida from the beach, the labels and card with a lovely dog (yours?) with red scarf, the Christmas card with Christmas message and your personal greeting in a letter - and a few words in perfect Danish incl. spelling. A HUG (to be read: A Biiiiiig Hug). JEG ELSKER OGSÅ DIG (I :heart: U 2) and Godt Nytår. :dancing:
    I am looking forward to your card. I received a card today, but that was from Lore. So I expect your card to arrive very soon (maybe tomorrow or Saturday).
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