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  • I sent a second Secret Santa to Texasluvsjonny at the same time as I sent a card with something in it to you and a few others, and Angie (living in Texas) received it yesterday. So you should have yours around now (so that you do not have to go back to your former home many times to check the mailbox).
    I read on Facebook that you were cleaning your room as you are moving. I have sent you a card with something in it to the address I had from last year. I hope that you get it (it was sent 4 days ago).
    Thanks :) I was surprised too. I didn't campaign or anything because I didn't think anyone really paid attention :uhoh:

    Your next step is to locate Guy, seduce him, and poke a hole in the condom. Then he's yours.
    Well, I like most of it. HLH, CB, MM, ETIAW, DLIBYH and UATW. What I really dont like are those interludes :p
    But is ok, I'm gratefull for these songs, and the whole concept for this Era :awesome:

    What are your favourites?
    Amyyyyy! :kiss:

    Loooong time since the last time I've showed myself up here, missed to come around and say hi! :nice:

    My summer has been quiet. I was in a summerhouse on Thursday 30.6 to celebrate my nephew's 29th birthday and slept over. The next day my niece, nephew and I (niece driving) were involved in a minor car accident. Noone injured, thank God. But my nephew's car got damaged, though it was not our fault. A car behind us drove into our car. Then we had Copenhagen's biggest cloudburst ever. But apart from that it has been quiet here. But I am shocked due to events in Norway (bomb in Oslo and shootings in an island).
    How AMY,
    How are you? Are you enjoying the summer - or are the temps too high for you? In some areas of the USA the temps were what corresponds to 40-46 degrees Celsius. Way too hot for me. I prefer max 24 degrees Celsius.
    Hey hunny! I know it's been a LONG, LONG TIME since I've been around. I had lots of stuff going on in my life towards the end of last year and it hasn't exactly been easy. I'm hoping I'm properly back to Coldplay land now though. I've got so much to catch up on :stunned: :eek:

    Anyway, I hope you're well and I'll look forward to your reply and hear what you've been up to!!

    Take care

    Karen x x
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