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    So what are you studying? :cheesy:
    Well be happy that you have a cool RL that keeps you away from here haha :D

    I believe I'll stick around for another couple of years, unless Coldplay decides to go all Justin Bieber, then I'll disappear! :lol:
    pretty fine! Just got loads of stuff to do for university, but that's okay :D

    AND YOU? What the heck have you been doing all the time?!
    Hey I know that this is absurdly late, but I don't believe that I ever thanked you for accepting my friend request. :facepalm: Anyway, thanks!! :nice: And I just must add, I noticed that besides Coldplay, you are also a fan of Oasis, The Beatles & Miles Kane and I simply have to applaud your epic taste in music. :clap: :wacky:
    Stupid security guards, they're rather dumb the whole time :dozey: I know what you mean, but DAMN, you met, that's more important than a photo! :D
    Holy crap you lucky bastard! You met Chris! :lol:
    I'm so happy you met your idol! What a fantastic night that must have been.
    I'm glad that such a good-hearted person like you got his dream fullfilled! :kiss:
    Wsdfgsdghdfghsfhb AMAZING!! :cheesy: I love the vibrant blue colour of your jacket as well :dance:
    HOLY CRAP that is so awesome!! Feel free to send me pictures of your amazing jacket! :D
    I wish you the most of fun for your CP concert, I'm sure it will blow you away! :dance::dance:
    I'm sitting in section 326, row 1. Not as good as the seats I got three years ago, but, at least I'll be there. You going with anyone?
    Oh so many interesting and important things! And YAY about your gf, congrats! :D Yeah, now it's time to think what to do with your life, and don't worry, when you think you've chosen the wrong direction, just turn a few degress and start something else ;)

    Hummm, what to do in your free time? How about you make a little list with things for every day that you have to accomplish? Like:

    1) Draw a hornbill (google that if you don't know what it is :p)
    2) Ride your bike for an hour
    3) Write down snippets that you hear from people talking and try to create an epic story out of it when you're back home :cheesy:

    I don't know if that's too random for you, just be creative! :D
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